Who Else Wants Proactive Network and Application Monitoring?

The Digital Robotics Engine (DRE) from Enterprise Integration (EI) offers a powerful machine-learning-based artificial intelligence application that provides extensive reporting and data-driven analytics. DRE can perform an extensive array of functions, but one of the most practical applications is network monitoring. As the basis of EI’s own monitoring services or as an interface that ingests data from other leading monitoring tools, DRE can take a stream of very technical information that can be confusing, high-volume and dense and turn it into actionable data and easy-to-digest graphs and real-time reports.

DRE: The integrated solution for ANY network monitoring tool

The Digital Robotics Engine (DRE) from Enterprise Integration is a powerful machine-learning artificial intelligence system. Its learning algorithms can ingest data of any kind and then take that data and organize, report and analyze it according to specific current needs or for long-term reporting and metrics. Overlaying DRE on an existing architecture of reporting tools across disparate nodes and endpoints also provides a cohesive single-screen look at the health and performance of all systems. The increasing complexity and interaction between cloud systems and bigger and bigger datasets can overwhelm the standard reporting and alert tools. DRE manages all this seamlessly and provides a comprehensive, yet simplified, look into your current state, historical trends and projected future needs.

Machine Learning Network Analytics

Five Ways Machine Learning Keeps Track of Your Network Traffic

The system administrator’s job in a typical business IT department has become more complex and exponentially more difficult since the turn of the 21st century. With the adoption of cloud computing, virtual machines, the internet of things, and live video streaming, network traffic and the task of monitoring and controlling resources has become increasingly more complicated. Managing this new complex infrastructure often requires a great deal of time, attention and manpower. But the majority of these tasks can be simplified, automated or properly organized by using a artificial intelligence (AI) application based around machine learning.

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