Malware Protection Services That Proactively Protect All Endpoints Across Your Network

Deploy Full-Spectrum Endpoint Security and Guaranteed Ransomware Protection

Arm your organization with the ability to proactively avoid malware infection.

  • Are you struggling to hold off cyberattacks using a cornucopia of antivirus and endpoint security tools that need to constantly be kept up to date?
  • Have you been forced to install emergency utilities to protect your systems from the latest malware threats while you waited for your antimalware manufacturer to catch up and finally put out a signature update?
  • Despite your best efforts, do you find yourself reimaging several systems per month after they have been compromised by a malware variant or Trojan horse that somehow slipped through the cracks?

With The Compact Footprint and Predictive Learning Power of  Malware Protection Services from Enterprise Integration, You Can

  • Say goodbye to signature updates for good
  • Rely on proven machine-learning capabilities that have compiled an unparalleled protection success rate
  • Quickly deploy bullet-proof protection across your organization
  • Safeguard your systems against both known and unknown malware
  • Get up to $1 million guaranteed protection against ransomware
  • Stymie zero-day attacks before they can execute
  • Maximize endpoint performance with a light-weight client that does not hog memory or CPU resources
  • Control device access to help eliminate external threats
  • Smoothly integrate malware protection into your existing workflows through a flexible API
  • Rely upon top-flight support with superior protection regardless of circumstance

Preventing anomalous programs from executing is more critical than ever.

Malware Protection Services from EI utilizes a demonstrated effective paradigm to spot suspicious actors and prevent them from doing any damage – even if the endpoint is disconnected from the network.

When It Comes To The Success of Learning-Based Malware Protection Services, The Numbers Tell a Compelling Story

Discover How Our Approach Has Helped a Plethora Of Organizations Remain Malware-Free

“Enterprise Integration is engaged with Rayonier to perform vulnerability assessments of our IT environment. Throughout our multi-year relationship, EI has delivered exceptional value by generating reports with executive level summaries to help us understand the overall risk profile along with specifically detailed, actionable instructions for our technical team to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. EI also provides subject matter expertise as needed to help with remediation.”

Eric Fake, Director Enterprise Infrastructure, Rayonier

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In the past, the signature approach used by antivirus tools was successful in allowing these programs to identify bad actors and eliminate them.

But now, with malware and ransomware mutating by the day or even by the hour, that approach is simply inadequate. To promote maximum productivity while maintaining system security, you need a tool that is able to examine each file and determine whether it is safe to run – and it needs to do so quickly enough so that the end user doesn’t perceive any performance lag.

EI’s Malware Protection solution utilizes the latest machine learning and behavioral analysis capabilities to quickly and comprehensively examine each executable file or script and reliably make the correct run/no-run determination with no need to constantly update a signature file — even when facing zero-day attacks and regardless of its access to the cloud. In addition to this potent core capability, Malware Protection also includes application and script control, device enforcement, root cause analysis, and automated threat detection and response. You can finally replace your current solution with the confidence that you will leave no possible avenue of threat uncovered.

Why You Need our Malware Protection Service


Whether it’s a malicious script, a rogue external device, or a clever fileless attack, hackers will have a very hard time making an end-run around your malware protection system.


Since we realize this system needs to run equally well across all kinds of endpoints, we ensured that it requires very few system resources while in use.


The machine-learning model at the heart of our solution has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness at blocking hither-to unknown malware and ransomware across Windows, Mac and Linux.


Whether you need some hands-on assistance or simply to have a question answered, we work diligently to fulfill your support request in short order so you can be 100% confident in your malware protection solution.


You’re covered for up to $1 million against ransomware attacks!

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After all, your AV software needs to be up to the task 100% of the time; the latest malware and ransomware only needs to be successful once to cause you serious grief.

Machine learning and behavioral analysis is the most effective antimalware solution we’ve come up with yet.
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