Virtual CISO Services That Bring Security Leadership at a Fraction of the Cost

Bring Onboard a Trusted, Experienced Virtual Chief Information Security Officer, (vCISO,) from Enterprise Integration

Substantially increase your organizational security without busting your budget using Virtual CISO services.

  • Are you currently counting on staff members who are learning the ropes as they go to manage your organization’s information security?
  • Have you given up on hiring a CISO due to their general lack of availability and their steep average salary?
  • What if you could bring on someone who would analyze your current circumstances, create or update your strategic security program, and train your team to implement it – for significantly less than you’d pay for a CISO?

Your vCISO from EI Can

  • Quickly get a handle on your security situation
  • Move to shore up any weaknesses detected
  • Analyze your current strategic security program
  • Recommend ways to implement improvements to your current program
  • Ensure your employees are properly trained to take close account of organizational security in their daily routine
  • Determine and assist in organizational compliance with any required security frameworks such as HIPAA or PCI
  • Be an objective resource for all matters pertaining to information security

The days when information security could be adequately handled in an ad-hoc manner are behind us.

A vCISO from Enterprise Integration allows you to significantly enhance your security without the big spend of acquiring another C-Suite member.

A vCISO Can Do a Lot of Good In a Short Amount of Time For Less Money Than You’d Think

Here’s How They Have Helped Organizations Like Yours

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The recent scourge of cyberattacks has got information security on the minds of lawmakers and the public like never before.

People have learned – some the hard way – just how vulnerable their data can be when it resides in someone else’s custody. Large companies embarrassed by security breaches have been working overtime to button up their systems. Unfortunately, this leaves SMBs in a pickle.

While most recognize the gravity of today’s security threats, The vast majority can’t afford to bring in a CISO for a quarter of a million dollars per year. Enter the vCISO. For around 30% of the cost of a CISO, your organization can harness the expertise of a seasoned security professional who can come in, determine where you stand, and whip you into shape when it comes to security. Of course, that will do little good if you revert to poor security practices afterward, so a vCISO from EI will make sure that your people have all the tools and techniques they’ll need to take your security seriously going forward. In the end, you get a significant security upgrade, assurance that you’re on the right track, and a secure organizational paradigm for the future.

Why You Need Our Virtual CISO


The half-measures of yesterday are simply inadequate to address today’s security threats. A vCISO can help you create a holistic security program that increases security on all fronts without damaging your organizational culture.


Compared to a full-time CISO, a vCISO gives you the same security expertise for approximately 30% of what you would pay for a year’s salary for a typical CISO.


Your EI vCISO will have at least ten years of IT security experience under their belt, so you’ll be able to tap them for the kind of insights you simply can’t get from someone who only dabbles in security part time.

Industry Certified:

Your vCISO from EI will have completed rigorous CISP certifications, ensuring that they are fully qualified to take charge of securing your organization’s valuable data.


Your EI CISO will ensure that the program they put in place can easily be extended in future as the security environment evolves.


The Security Of Your Data Is Too Important To Be Left To Chance…
Have you been considering overhauling your security program, but it’s always been pushed to the back burner?
Are you ready to jumpstart that overhaul right now with an experienced, certified security professional who can hit the ground running?
Given The Proliferation of Threats In Today’s Online Environment, There’s No Time To Waste

We’re in an era now when one malware attack can cripple an entire company in a matter of seconds. You owe it to your clients, employees and executives to make your organization as secure against that outcome as possible.

The security expertise you need is available right now for less spend than you might think.
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