Preventing IT Problems through Automation

Proactive monitoring prevents major business-impacting incidents to your infrastructure before they can impact your organization

Problems with your mission critical IT applications or infrastructure can have sudden and long-lasting negative effects on your organization

  • How many of these problems could be avoided if proactive monitoring was in place?
  • How many go undetected using monitoring solutions incapable of understanding that a problem exists, or lacking the intelligence to resolve it and documenting with an ITSM?
  • Can your current monitoring tool take action on its own to prevent a problem from impacting your organization?

Proactive Monitoring-The insight you need, before you need it

EI will:
  • Monitor any device within your environment at all times
  • Supply granular information on your equipment and software
  • Help quickly identify root causes of problems and issues
  • Provide first contact resolution with expert Tier 2 call center staff
  • Eliminate the frustration over unnecessary support escalation
  • Monitor a wide array of technologies in a single view
  • Discover and resolve issues with great speed
  • Provide preventative, automated, self-healing incident resolution capabilities

Take the proactive monitoring approach with EI

Don’t risk missing a potentially disastrous problem

EI has eased the burden of managing IT alerts and incidents for many organizations

You could be next!

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Why You Need Our Proactive Monitoring & Alert Management Service


EI can customize a monitoring and alert management solution to fit your organization’s specific needs. We’ll see only what you determine we need to see, so you’re provided with an effective solution without any worries of unwanted intrusion.


As your place in the digital market has grown, it’s likely you’re now utilizing multiple tools to safeguard your business-critical infrastructure. Managing those tools can be a costly and cumbersome burden. With EI, you’ll have one central point. One tool consolidating information in a holistic, completely detailed view that will help reduce incident resolution time from hours to minutes.


EI has the capability to not only monitor your environment and notify you of incidents, but also to take it a step further. Through our advanced tools, we can resolve potentially disastrous issues before they ever come to fruition, protecting your IT systems and preventing your organization from suffering at the hands of costly downtime and expensive fixes.

Proactive Monitoring & Alert Management FAQ’s

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