Hardware Maintenance Services Improve Productivity, Efficiency and Security

Ensure Smooth Operation of Your Critical Business Processes

Avoid Expensive Systems Failure and Operational Downtime

  • Concerned that faulty or failing hardware could wreak havoc on your company and lead to decreased productivity and even costly downtime?
  • Looking to leverage the warranty service purchased with a computer, network device or other hardware … or identify maintenance contracts for hardware that are no longer in support by the OEM?
  • Want to automate your hardware maintenance, such as version control and patching, and make it so you don’t have to worry about prolonged downtime or other hardware issues that could put your profits into a nosedive?

We Minimize Your Downtime With Our Hardware Maintenance Service!

Our service offers:
  • Proactive maintenance that prevents major issues from occurring
  • Monitoring for quick problem resolution – if issues ever do arise
  • Improved up-time for your hardware
  • Increased productivity for your staff
  • Removal of unauthorized software from computers
  • Replacement of hardware that is failing or has failed with identical equipment
  • Upgraded firmware and up to date virus protection
  • Simple rollout of new application software
  • Insurance that backups are working
  • Performance of periodic data restores to verify integrity

Hardware Maintenance

You can count on us to make sure that mission-critical hardware remains protected at all times and that your IT systems continually run at optimal levels.

Contact us now to start building the maintenance schedule that’s right for your business

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In today’s fiscal environment, we understand that it’s important for your business to get value from your legacy systems and we will keep your hardware functioning smoothly.

We are able to provide both help desk support and on-site computer repair and maintenance services – in short everything you need. If faltering technology needs to be repaired or replaced, we can make sure the issues are taken care of securely and responsibly. We also offer environmentally friendly, EPA-compliant disposal of all your equipment – and we wipe your devices to protect your valuable data too, so valuable information doesn’t ever fall into the wrong hands.

Why You Need Our Hardware Maintenance Service

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and boost
return on investment (ROI)

For example, we can help you extend server and storage area network hardware lifecycles beyond OEM-defined end of service life boundaries.

Minimize downtime and boost performance

For example, our proactive maintenance services and expertise keep a wide range of server products from Unix to Wintel up and running efficiently.

Have 24/7 access to help desk service

We will be there when you need us!

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of
OEM-trained level 3 engineers

… As well as techniques that have been proven effective in improving system performance. If an issue affects multiple pieces of hardware instead of dealing with multiple vendors and a lot of finger-pointing and delays, we can diagnose and resolve the issue fast!

Receive post-warranty maintenance and support

Many vendors like to declare End of Service Life (EOSL), which means they will no longer offer maintenance and support for your current software. Instead they will only offer a hardware upgrade. We allow you to get more value for your hardware investments!

Frequently Asked Questions About
Hardware Maintenance

Avoid Hardware Issues …
Want to get the spare parts and replacement equipment you need much faster?
Want to avoid the costly downtime that results from poorly maintained equipment?
Automate Your Hardware Maintenance

At EI, we are experts in mixed IT environments and are able to easily stay on top of the maintenance requirements and warranty expiration dates for differing pieces of hardware. This will save you money and free up employees to handle other important business-related tasks. We also reduce multiple contacts to just one. Now instead of trying to contact a vendor or their typically outsourced support staff, all you’ll have to do is call us.

Don’t let your productivity suffer due to hardware issues. We handle everything from repairs to device replacement and disposal and we also resolve the challenges hardware maintenance presents to many businesses today.

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