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  • Are increasing mobile devices, applications and secure endpoints creating poor user experiences on your network?
  • Are you finding it more and more difficult and more and more time-consuming to locate issues that are affecting network performance?
  • Would you like an automated solution that gives you end-to-end visibility and increased speed and simplicity across your network?

Unify Your WAN, LAN & WLAN

  • Identify problem areas and quickly remediate them
  • Improve network performance
  • Improve network resource utilization
  • Increase your network ROI
  • Gain greater insight into your network’s performance and resource usage
  • Improve both network security and serviceability
  • Increase network stability
  • Free up IT staff to work on business-critical initiatives
  • Boost profits by delivering better user experiences
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Create faster response times for remote and mobile users
  • Increase visibility into network performance
  • Enable better planning and future investment decisions
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Create a Seamless Experience for Your Network Users

Reduce IT costs & enhance network visibility WHILE boosting revenue and increasing workforce productivity
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“Enterprise Integration has been an integral part of our technical infrastructure. From designing our Microsoft system platform in 2004 to transitioning our servers to a virtual environment in 2012, EI has been there every step of the way. We value our partnership with EI and continue to be impressed by their level of service and expertise.”

Annmarie NemethChief Financial Officer,MJW Consolidated, Inc.,

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Utilizing AI & Machine Learning to Automate Key Tasks, Identify Network Issues & Resolve Them and to Provide Users With a Seamless, Reliable Network Experience

Cloud based computing along with the increased use of mobile devices and web applications have made it difficult to maintain high network performance. At EI, we have unified WAN, LAN and WLAN optimization into one service that dramatically boosts network performance and availability while providing IT administrators with detailed analytics they can use to optimize end-user experience. Now your business can enjoy fast fault identification and remediation as well as predictive recommendations to avoid future problems before they occur. Downtime will decrease dramatically and productivity will soar!

Why You Need Our Network Optimization Service

Improve Performance:

We not only identify network issues and fix them but we also use AI and machine learning to improve the routing process and to identify potential problem areas so that they can be resolved now before they become an issue and slow down performance in the future.

Get Informed:

We deliver in-depth performance monitoring and traffic analysis. You get real-time, visual feedback of current network connectivity as well as highly accurate data you can use for future capacity planning. You’ll know what is happening, when it is happening and why it is happening thanks to our real-time, visual performance reports.

Increase Security:

Our Network Optimization service also detects and defends against common network attacks, like DDoS, preventing serious damage from being done without any extra work from you.

Lower Costs:

Our service is highly customizable allowing you to easily develop policies for key and less critical traffic and to make the best use of your bandwidth. Also, staff will be freed up from dealing with network issues and can spend their valuable time working on other important matters. Your department will get more done in less time!

Quality Experience:

We ensure you are able to deliver a quality user experience to everyone on your network. This means happier employees and happier customers. In addition, you’ll gain visibility into network, user and application behavior so that you can make the user experience even better in the future.

Learn More About Network Optimization & What It Can Do for Your Business!

Many companies have benefited from our Network Optimization service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective.

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Better Network Performance
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Improve the user experience

Your network’s health is critical to the success of your organization. Slow response times, poor service quality, inflexible processes and performance bottlenecks can be disastrous for an organization entrenched in a highly-competitive marketplace.

Network Optimization services from EI can help keep your network vibrant and healthy. Our team of experienced optimization experts can help you keep pace with the changing demands of your business while improving uptime and boosting your service quality.

Make Sure You Deliver a Quality User Experience to Every User on Your Network With EI’s Network Optimization Service!
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We offer advanced edge caching capabilities, real time IP routing optimizations, TCP layer optimizations, distributed DNS solutions, global load balancing and more – everything you need to optimize your network.

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