The Best of Both Worlds

Expertly Managed by One Partner

At Enterprise Integration, we masterfully strike the strategic balance between on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure to give you the optimal hybrid datacenter solution.

We ensure your systems work seamlessly together across both types of infrastructure to deliver you the ultimate in performance, uptime and return on investment.

All the Value but None of the Complexity

When You Trust Your Hybrid Solution to Our Experts

  • Optimize your datacenter budget
  • Remain agile to changing business needs with scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Reduced hardware costs by sharing datacenter workloads with the cloud
  • Optimize your resource utilization
  • Better meet compliance standards without sacrificing flexibility
  • Maintain security and compliance standards with on-premise infrastructure while simultaneously taking advantage of the agility and scalability of the cloud
  • Maintain visibility over all of your systems so you can always make the best-informed decisions Dynamically allocate resources based on demand, ensuring optimal performance without over-provisioning hardware
  • Enhance disaster recovery plans
  • Expand your business’ reach easily with scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Take advantage of the flexibility the hybrid model offers by choosing the best infrastructure for specific workloads

Trusted By Users and Companies Like...

Many organizations have experienced the advantages of EI’s Cloud Management Services Let us show those benefits to you

“Enterprise Integration has been an integral part of our technical infrastructure. From designing our Microsoft system platform in 2004 to transitioning our servers to a virtual environment in 2012, EI has been there every step of the way. We value our partnership with EI and continue to be impressed by their level of service and expertise.”

Annmarie NemethChief Financial Officer,MJW Consolidated, Inc.,

Enterprise IntegrationEnterprise Integration