Accurately Evaluate Vital Network Metrics

Gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your network with EI’s Network Assessment Services

It’s Time to Stabilize Your Network and Optimize Its Performance

  • Do you have a firm understanding of the true condition of your network today?
  • Are you absolutely certain you have enough network resources in place to guarantee optimal performance?
  • Do you fully understand the impact all new network activity is having on App performance?

Our Network Assessment Service Identifies the Parts of Your System That are ‘Up to Snuff’ & Pinpoints the Problem Areas that Need to be Fixed

  • Identify underused and overused resources
  • Prioritize the redistribution of resources based on business need
  • Spot areas where bandwidth is congested
  • Provide productivity-boosting relief
  • Fix security holes that could negatively impact your network operations
  • Thoroughly review your network configuration
  • Maximize present-day network efficiency while planning for future growth
  • Ensure your network flows seamlessly without interruptions
  • Balance all components in your network to maximize performance
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of network security programs

Overseeing and managing a growing network without performing a network assessment is a lot like driving with your eyes closed

Let us show you exactly how your network is performing and how it can be optimized.

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A recent survey of 800 CIOs revealed 76% think IT complexity could soon make it impossible to manage digital performance efficiently.
The study further uncovered that IT complexity is growing exponentially with a single web or mobile transaction now crossing an average of 35 different technology systems or components. In other words, in today’s global marketplace complexity is a growing drag on productivity and workplace satisfaction. In order to create and maintain stability in your network so that it performs with optimal efficiency, it’s imperative you take the guesswork out and uncover the actual state of your network via EI’s customized network assessment service.

Why You Need Our Network Assessment Service

Improve Application Performance:

Bandwidth bottlenecks are a major cause of applications performing slowly or sluggishly. There may also be a new or unseen application sucking up valuable bandwidth. The way to locate the problem and resolve it is with EI’s network assessment service.

Eliminate User Complaints:

If you have installed some critical apps with the firm belief there is adequate bandwidth in your system that will accommodate them, but your phone continues to ring off the hook and your email inbox is flooded with complaints from the CEO on down to the sales person… then once again, there is a clear problem on your network and our network assessment service can find it.

Achieve Business Goals:

Would you currently describe your network as a finely-tuned, well-oiled machine that was designed and implemented with a strategic approach from inception to deployment? Can it account for all unforeseen circumstances and evolutions like BYOD? Our network assessment service can ensure you have the perfect network for your business goals.

Get Current:

A thorough check of your network will help prevent possible data security threats, ensure compliance with laws and policies as well as help with strategic planning for the future.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses:

Our network assessment helps you eliminate the costs and concerns associated with older technologies and proactively helps prevent future issues from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Network Assessment

An Objective Network Assessment
Is network downtime crippling your growth potential?
Are there any parts of your business network that are holding you back?
Helping You Help Your Bottom Line

If your productivity comes to a halt because your network isn’t working correctly, your organization is likely to suffer lost revenue, angry customers and employee disconnection, just to name a few. According to a recent IHS Survey, companies reported an average of five downtime events each month, that when added together, ranged from $1 million a year to $60 million.

With a Network Assessment from EI, our experts can help you catch any network issues early, before they have a chance to have a major impact on your bottom line.

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