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Gain unprecedented network visibility and control with an SD-WAN solution from Enterprise Integration

A proper SD-WAN solution can unleash powerful, previously untapped capabilities to steer traffic intelligently.

  • Are you providing an optimal user experience?
  • Is it a struggle to meet SLAs for business-critical and real-time applications?
  • How many of your critical IT problems could an SD-WAN solution solve?

The Solution for a Better WAN

An SD-WAN solution from EI will:
  • Help increase your organization’s application deployment time on any platform
  • Deliver consistent and predictable performance for an overall better user experience
  • Bring detailed application intelligence and advanced management capabilities to your organization
  • Give you the ability to easily align application priority and performance with business initiatives
  • Deliver simplified deployment and operation of your WAN
  • Provide greater agility for your data transfers and applications while using less bandwidth
  • Provide greater visibility across multiple WAN links and service providers
  • Optimize control over your network
  • Give you the ability to monitor the health of your WAN links
  • Automatically reroute traffic onto an alternate path when the primary becomes congested
  • Help to ensure your data reaches its destination quickly and without delay
  • Enhance network security and limit opportunities for attack or damage
  • Help you maximize cost savings by directing traffic according to policy-based rules
  • Automatically divide traffic amongst low-cost and highly available WAN links

Simplify WAN Management with EI

Don’t let your business suffer from data traffic congestion and inconsistent network response. Adopt SD-WAN Solution and supercharge your WAN today.

EI has helped many organizations seamlessly migrate to SD-WAN

You could be next!

EI  has handled our IT collapse better than we could have imagined.  They came into a VERY difficult situation, but because of the great Team at EI we are light years ahead of where we were.  They’ve even helped outline a technology plan moving forward!  Not having the stress of worrying about day-to-day IT issues allows us to focus on growing our business while all of our end users are 100% satisfied.

Ashley LarsenCustomer Service Center Director, Hampton Golf

Without a lot of direction from CSX, EI drives efficiency into our operations. EI keeps improving and looking for better ways, tools and products to help us. Working with EI has totally changed the way we support end users.

IT LeadershipCSX Technology

Enterprise Integration is engaged with Rayonier to perform vulnerability assessments of our IT environment. Throughout our multi-year relationship, EI has delivered exceptional value by generating reports with executive level summaries to help us understand the overall risk profile along with specifically detailed, actionable instructions for our technical team to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. EI also provides subject matter expertise as needed to help with remediation.

Eric FakeDirector Enterprise Infrastructure, Rayonier

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One of the most significant factors in the success of a business today is the performance of the application or system that their customers interact with. Performance demands and end-user expectations of these customer-facing applications and systems are growing much more rapidly than the networks that connect them, which is a clear challenge to achieving business agility. If there’s any one constant in business and IT, it’s change…so having business agility is critical.
Through centralized network control, comprehensive performance visibility and task automation, SD-WAN solutions help you meet these challenges and supports your business agility by enabling your IT to be much more flexible and efficient.

Why You Need Our SD-WAN Solution


Upon prioritizing your traffic by significance to your organization, an SD-WAN Solution from EI grants you the ability to send your most important data traffic over the best network link, ensuring data is optimally transferred with little to no stagnation.


EI’s SD-WAN Solution offers an intelligent management layer to your WAN, allowing many tasks to be automated and making the administration far less labor intensive. Through EI, your network becomes far more agile and adaptable to changing conditions and evolving business objectives, such as adding access to cloud-based services or dynamic routing of all traffic for optimized application and data delivery.


An SD-WAN Solution from EI enables greater application and network efficiencies through bandwidth availability usage and management, enhanced traffic routing and prioritization capabilities and easing the burden of administration, just to name a few. This translates to lower networking costs and more savings for your organization.


Driven by SD-WAN benefits such as traffic-routing choices, elevated data transfer speed, enhanced agility and network congestion reduction, EI helps to ensure application performance will meet SLAs and user expectations.


An SD-WAN Solution from EI allows for various WAN deployment options over any type of connection. Components gain connection with each other when brought online and configurations are pushed from your organization’s central monitoring and management orchestrator, providing you with maximum control over your network.

Frequently Asked Questions Our SD-WAN Solution

Ensure Performance Meets Expectations
Are your user expectations higher than your service capabilities?
Has poor application performance caused you any loss of revenue?
Get Confidence with Greater Business Agility

The level of agility required to compete in today’s digital marketplace is high and growing higher every day. Data delays, latency and inconsistent network response challenges stand ready to cause frustration, poor user experiences and loss of revenue. To keep pace with the competition, organizations must rely heavily on the performance of real-time applications, highly available data and comprehensive visibility of their network.

With an SD-WAN Solution from Enterprise Integration, we can help you gain greater agility with faster, easier deployment and operation of your WAN, and help you minimize network traffic congestion to deliver superior application performance to all your users.

Optimally Steer Your Traffic for Premium Performance

Lose the complexity and gain comprehensive network control and visibility
Dramatically simplify WAN management
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