Measure Your Security Incident Response Maturity

Gain valuable and actionable insight into your IT incident response capabilities with an expert assessment from Enterprise Integration

Understanding your security state of readiness and knowing how to best respond to an incident can lessen the impact of an attack on your network.

  • Are you confident that your current incident response plan is as effective as it could be?
  • If an incident occurs, are you certain that your organization knows what to do, how to do it, and when it needs to be done?
  • How ready are you?

A Complete Picture of Your Readiness Posture

EI will:
  • Measure your organization’s incident response plan against best practices and industry standards
  • Ensure your plan is thoroughly optimized and compliant
  • Analyze and evaluate your organization’s threat intelligence, security incident monitoring and response capabilities
  • Identify how you can lower the disruption to your business in the wake of a security incident
  • Test for vulnerabilities in your environment
  • Provide you with insight recommendations for the closure of any potentially damaging gaps
  • Make it more difficult for an attack to succeed
  • Evaluate your preparedness to deal with evolving threats and increasing attacker intelligence
  • Roadmap and prioritize any new objectives or recommended remediation tasks
  • Provide clear guidance and technical detail from our team of experts
  • Help you reduce the overall cost of a security incident
  • Improve your response efficiency and increase your speed to resolution
  • Present detailed findings for a clear and comprehensive picture of your security incident response capabilities
  • Reduce the risk of damage that a slow response could have to your business reputation

Put a stronger security plan into action through readiness and preparation

Don’t assume your Security Incident Response plan is in good shape. Validate its effectiveness and make sure you’re prepared.

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Without a well-designed security incident response plan, cybersecurity incidents can quickly grow into unmanageable events.

Today’s digital business landscape demands that your organization be prepared to respond to a security incident at any time. A mature incident response plan is critical due to the highly sophisticated and targeted nature of modern day attacks. And the ability to respond effectively to an incident is essential to the continued survival of your organization.

A Security Incident Response Assessment from Enterprise Integration will make certain of just that. Through our assessment, we’ll provide you with valuable insight into your response capabilities, expert guidance and recommendations, and roadmap any necessary enhancements to your existing plan.

Why You Need Our Security Incident Response Assessment


EI’s security experts will work with your incident responders and IT staff, identify and document all impacted networks and systems within your environment, develop a plan to restore and rebuild, and perform a thorough review of your policies and processes.


Whether you’ve been active with incident response readiness but need general guidance to set you on the right course, or if you need a plan built from scratch including plan development and roadmapping, EI’s assessments are delivered and catered for all levels of maturity.


EI’s experienced security professionals apply their extensive knowledge, along with best practices and proven methodologies, to help you improve your ability to respond to an incident. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work, and can leverage that experience to improve your security posture.

Gap Analysis:

EI’s experts will compare their assessment’s findings against industry best practices and our own experience to identify gaps and vulnerabilities within your environment, and provide recommendations for closure to improve your security incident response readiness.


To test your team’s ability to effectively identify and respond to a security incident, EI will proactively test and evaluate awareness of incident response processes and provide recommendations for improvement.

Assess Your Readiness. Security Incident Response Assessment FAQs.

Dig In and Understand Your Capabilities…
Do you know which parts of your network are most vulnerable to an attack?
How do you know if your incident response plan is guiding you down the right path?
Put Your Plan to the Test

Managing an organization’s reaction to a cyberattack is an intense and pressure-packed task requiring the coordination of resources and information. Virtually every organization faces the potential of an attack, and when it happens, critical decisions need to be made. But knowing that those decisions will be the right ones would be impossible without evaluation and validation long before an incident occurs.

Enterprise Integration’s Security Incident Response Assessment can help your organization evaluate its ability to respond to incidents and threats. By leveraging our experience and industry best practices, our experts will validate your processes and help advance your incident response capabilities.

Make No Assumptions
Build confidence that your critical information and systems can be protected.
Get peace of mind with a thorough assessment of your IT security incident response capabilities.
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