Gain Control of Your Compliance and Risk Initiatives

Drive Strategy, Capabilities and Performance with Compliance and Risk Management Services from EI

Adoption of an effective IT compliance and risk management strategy is the difference between meeting business objectives and losing client trust.

  • Do unknown threats to your business keep you up at night?
  • Is your IT risk and compliance plan too complex, costly or confusing?
  • Are you certain that your current Compliance and Risk Management practices align properly with your organization’s strategy and goals?

Protecting Your Business and Fortifying Your Future

EI will
  • Assess your organization’s current strategy to identify vulnerabilities
  • Provide recommendations for vulnerability remediation
  • Help your organization understand threats, liability and the likelihood and potential impact of IT risks
  • Coordinate the use of technology, people and processes to enhance strategy effectiveness
  • Develop a customized strategy to comply with ever-evolving regulatory requirements
  • Provide real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities
  • Help reduce compliance reporting time and manage untrusted data
  • Improve your overall productivity by utilizing automation and streamlining compliance processes
  • Allowing you to re-allocate internal resources for more strategic projects
  • Providing quick access to a fully mature program that utilizes proven methodologies

A tailored, detailed and innovative approach to compliance and risk management

Don’t wait for HIPAA, FISMA, ISO, or GDPR to tell you there’s a problem! Stay on top of complex, ever-changing regulatory obligations with EI.

EI has helped many organizations improve their value and public confidence.

You could be next!

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IT compliance and risk professionals are under immense pressure to make sure their organizations remain compliant and are protected from risks of cyber failures and regulatory fines.

With evolving compliance requirements, lack of collaboration and coordination, and transforming IT systems, organizations can no longer afford to utilize outdated IT applications to manage risk and compliance. To ensure stakeholder satisfaction, organizations are forced to consider whether there is a better, smarter way to do things.

Well, there is. With Compliance and Risk Management Services from EI, we provide a smarter approach that utilizes the right combination of technology and best practices based on your unique business needs to fully optimize your compliance and risk profile.

Why You Need EI’s Compliance and Risk Management Services


The rules and regulations that govern compliance and risk management are in a constant state of change. Understanding these changes to keep your policies and processes current can be a complex and time-consuming challenge. EI persistently stays on top of regulations to ensure your organization remains knowledgeable of relevant changes.


As your organization grows and your reliance on technology increases, so too does your compliance and risk management needs. The more digital your organization becomes, the more chances there are to stumble upon issues with security, data loss, and regulations. EI provides you with customized Compliance and Risk Management services that can be scaled at any time to meet your evolving needs, ensuring your processes are consistently aligned with your business objectives.


Through key risk and compliance process automation, and the utilization of proven methodologies and best practices to develop policies, standards and procedures, EI simplifies complex compliance and risk management tasks…allowing your organization to streamline your efforts and re-allocate valuable resources to drive business-critical initiatives.

Compliance and Remediation:

The cost of noncompliance and poor risk management can have long-lasting damaging impact on an organization. It can lead to loss of profits, loss of customer trust, and even to business closure. EI will help you develop, implement and support an effective Compliance and Risk Management strategy so you can maintain your reputation and maximize your investments.


By standardizing end-to-end IT Compliance and Risk Management processes and controls, EI can help enhance productivity and increase cost and time savings. Keeping a prioritized focus on resolving issues that potentially could have the greatest impact helps us to deliver maximum value to your organization.

Compliance and Risk Management FAQ

A rapidly changing issue
Are rules and regulations changing too quickly for you to keep up?
Are you confident that your existing strategies, policies and processes align with current guidelines?
You Need a Trusted Partner

Managing the mountain of often interrelating and sometimes conflicting regulations is a complex and time-consuming process. Thorough knowledge and understanding is needed to ensure that your organization is compliant with all requirements contained within applicable standards and regulations, which you may already have. But time is also needed, which you may not have. And with limited resources coupled with lack of time, this already complex task can feel overwhelming.

With Compliance and Risk Management Services from EI, we can help ease that burden. No longer is it necessary for you to sift through piles of regulations and interpret their meanings. A team of highly skilled expert professionals is ready to do that for you and become an extension of your IT team, freeing up your internal resources to pursue more strategic goals.

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