Avoid Penalties That Can Result from Lax IT Security

Cover Your Compliance Bases with an EI Security Audit

Improve Your Defenses
with an IT Security Audit

  • Have you been wondering whether you’re in complete compliance with the security framework required of your organization?
  • Have you seen other businesses sink under the substantial fines imposed upon companies found to be out of compliance?
  • Do you want to keep ahead of the game regarding your IT security environment?

Receive a Thorough Security Audit from Enterprise Integration

EI will:
  • Assess your organization’s security requirements according to federal law
  • Create a customized security audit under the most relevant framework (NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171)
  • Examine your organization’s existing IT infrastructure to pinpoint vulnerabilities
  • Deliver actionable insight into your current security strategies, policies, procedures and technologies
  • Help refine your program for optimal protection
  • Prioritize security risks to separate those of critical nature from those that can be remedied over time
  • Deliver a report that identifies areas for improvement
  • Provide a statement of work, identifying the requirements needed to bring policies and procedures into compliance
  • Provide recommendations for remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Help boost the effectiveness of your security arrangements
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Depending on any regulatory standards, auditing your information security policies and procedures after an attack could be a very expensive mistake.

Don’t wait until you’re attacked to discover that your information security is inadequate;

Security Audits from EI Have Been a Lifeline for Many Organizations

How Can We Help You?

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Nowhere is the adage: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” more apt than in the cybersecurity realm.

Successful cyberattacks on your business which compromise sensitive information can cost you millions of dollars in fines on top of the cost to remediate the incident. However significant, those costs would pale in comparison to the long-term damage inflicted upon your reputation, from which any recovery would take years. In fact, according to a recent release from the Securities and Exchange Commission, 60% of small businesses that suffered a cyberattack were unable to recover and were forced to close.

Conducting a security audit before an attack compels you to do so helps you find and fix problems that, if not addressed, could cause you huge headaches down the line in remediation costs as well as any fines you incur due to being out of compliance with information security requirements.

Why You Need Our Security Audit Service?


EI’s Security Operations team includes professional experts that have full understanding and familiarity with NIST security frameworks and emerging threats posed by the increasing intelligence of cybercriminals and their attacks. By continually increasing their knowledge, our experts can ensure that their findings are on point and up-to-date against current trends.

Fix Weak Spots
Top-Flight Tools:

EI utilizes the latest and most effective auditing tools to help our audit analysis. The quality of data we get from these tools (some of which are also used by the hackers themselves) is second to none.


Upon completion of the audit, your organization will be provided an IT security audit report that will contain detailed findings from our expert team, highlighting problem areas and proposed solutions for areas of risk, security policies and industry standards compliance.

Peace of Mind:

An IT Security Audit is an easy way to analyze gaps in your existing security processes against best practices and a great first step to improving your security program. Identifying those gaps provides you with peace of mind by knowing where your vulnerabilities lie and by understanding what you can do to keep those cybercriminals on the outside looking in.


EI’s IT Security Audit will prioritize your vulnerabilities and risks and provide you with insight on how they should be remedied. This detail can be used as a starting point for the re-allocation of resources, policy, process and procedure changes and operational planning.

Security Audit FAQ

Discover the exploitable gaps in your network …
Are you certain that you are aware of every vulnerability that could potentially let a cybercriminal into your system?
Are you able to ensure the safety of your sensitive data?
Success Starts with an Audit

As the landscape of IT security threats continues to evolve with increased frequency and intelligence, it’s become essential for an organization’s security program to evolve as well. Through a comprehensive review of the program and its strategies, an IT Security Audit can provide the actionable insight needed to address vulnerabilities, mitigate risks and mature security initiatives.

With the help of an IT Security Audit from EI, you’ll get the insight, support and recommendations you need to enhance your IT security strategy and build a successful security program.

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