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3 Reasons for Your Business to Choose
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DRE, our artificial intelligence automation engine, automates workflow – saving you time, money & stress!

Our 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art integrated service center reduces your tech support costs while improving the quality of your support!

plus, we offer the best of both worlds – cost-effective, high quality IT services AND a client-focused approach that puts your needs first!

The success of any business today – yours included – depends a great deal on how it uses technology. But technology is growing and changing so fast that it can be hard to keep up.

  • For example, is an outdated legacy system currently slowing workflow and costing you sales? Could new technology be just what you need to surge to the next level?

At Enterprise Integration, we help businesses answer questions like these and ensure they have the technology solutions they need to excel in today’s competitive marketplace.

Take for instance DRE, our innovative artificial intelligence technology. This incredible tool is like having a tireless new employee who requires no training and is quite willing to do the repetitive administrative tasks no one else wants to do.

As DRE clears IT alerts on its own, your employees will gain more time that they can spend on other important business-critical tasks. You’ll save money without sacrificing quality. You also won’t have to worry about downtime or finding things for a full-time employee to do when no work is available. In many ways, DRE is the perfect employee – bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to your team without any interest in getting involved in office politics.

It’s because of break-through tools like DRE that we feel confident saying …

Why EI Dre

We Are Your Ultimate Technology Partner

From system migration to database implementation to asset management to software license management to hardware management to ITAM/SAM consulting and much, much more. We provide the IT services your business needs to succeed.

As mentioned previously, we have also been an innovator in artificial intelligence since the early 2000’s. In fact, DRE is not only our flagship product but it also serves as the very foundation of our business – allowing us, just like our clients, to operate more efficiently and provide more expansive services for better prices than the competition.

For example, our Integrated Services Center (ISC) leverages artificial intelligence to provide clients with an automated service desk that contains all the tools needed to ensure a great user experience. It is staffed with highly-trained representatives who can resolve most issues on the spot (DRE reduces the number of employees needed, allowing you to hire more qualified staff)!

But as impressive as the variety and quality of our services are there is another reason that the vast majority of clients tend to stay with us for the long-term …

Our Client-Focused Approach

We consider our clients more than partners; we consider them family. That’s why when one had an issue at 3 a.m. our CEO was right there making sure the issue was resolved quickly.

At Enterprise Integration, we have a deep understanding of the technology needs and concerns of businesses today and we will work closely with you to ensure your success.

When you choose Enterprise Integration as your technology partner, you are selecting a team capable of growing alongside your business and who is dedicated to meeting your needs while providing you with superior service.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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Our 100% ITIL Certified Staff Makes IT Directors, CIOs & CTOs Look Great!
Michael Locher, CEO

OCTOBER 11, 1965 – NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Michael Locher

We can work alongside existing staff or fully manage essential IT tasks – whatever your IT issues, we are prepared to step in and resolve them. Now here’s an important message from our Founder Michael Locher:

How would you describe your IT department right now? Is it disorganized … understaffed … undertrained … over-worked … non-existent?

Well if you answered my initial question with anything other than, “a well-oiled machine,” Enterprise Integration is right for you.

We bring organization to disorganization … we bring relief to overworked staff.

As a client of Enterprise Integration, you’ll get a dedicated and COORDINATED team of IT rock stars. And best of all, critical (but time-consuming) tasks will become effortless due to automation, and you’ll finally have a department all moving toward the same goal … growing YOUR company!

So if you like the idea of transforming your ordinary (or non-existent) IT department into a well-oiled machine, then let’s talk today so we can explain how we can start saving you 10% year over year on your IT costs – guaranteed!

To learn more about our services, our client-first approach and how we can help your business grow, schedule a free consultation today.

This consultation comes with what we call our
“Payback Guarantee”

With this guarantee, if we can’t come up with a solution to your IT issue we will pay you for the one hour of your time you spent talking to us (rate based on your normal salary) OR we will donate double that amount to the charity of your choice!

That’s how confident we are that we can help you! So don’t delay, schedule your free consultation now.

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