Strong Compliance Risk Assessments for Stronger Compliance Strategies

Gain actionable insight into your compliance risk exposure with a Compliance Risk Assessment from Enterprise Integration

New compliance and reputational risks appear every day, and you simply can’t mitigate a risk if you don’t know it’s there.

  • How can you stay informed of this ever-evolving landscape and avoid damaging noncompliance penalties?
  • What kinds of compliance failures would result in significant brand risk or reputational damage?
  • Do you understand the full scope of compliance risks creeping around in each part of your organization?

Your full risk exposure identified, prioritized and understood.

EI Will
  • Provide your organization with insight on the probability of a risk event
  • Help you grasp the potential seriousness and impact of a risk event
  • Help you understand the full scope of your risk exposure
  • Evaluate your organization’s inherent risk to help optimize your strategy
  • Identify and organize your key compliance risk drivers
  • Help you measure potential negative business impact of noncompliance
  • Help map your risks to the applicable risk owners to maximize effectiveness of risk mitigation activities
  • Align your risk compliance processes with your business objectives
  • Help your organization prioritize risks for active management to minimize negative effect
  • Ensure you stay informed of emerging compliance issues
  • Help you avoid unnecessary penalties
  • Present detailed findings for a clear and comprehensive picture of your compliance risk control environment
  • Aid in the reduction of your residual risk to an acceptable level

Ensure a consistent approach to potential compliance and risk events.

Don’t assume that you’re fully compliant with limited risk. Conduct a thorough assessment of your compliance risk exposure and find out for certain where you stand.

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Eric FakeDirector Enterprise Infrastructure, Rayonier

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The increased complexity of the risk environment and the intensifying penalties for noncompliance have made it critical for organizations to perform detailed assessments of their compliance risk exposure.

As the regulatory landscape evolves, most organizations also face an increased chance for events negatively impacting their bottom line. Leveraging professional expertise for evaluating and prioritizing risk provides organizations with the ability to develop effective mitigation strategies and reduce the possibility of major noncompliance events from ever occurring.

With a Compliance Risk Assessment from EI, you can set your organization apart from your competitors in the market. Through the assessment, we’ll help you understand the full scope of your risk exposure and optimize your strategy for compliance risk mitigation.

Why You Need Compliance Risk Assessment


If compliance risk procedures are developed without consultation of your organization’s risk owners, the process will lack credibility when it comes time for implementation. EI will communicate with your subject matter experts, who genuinely understand your risk exposure and will help ensure all key areas are identified and assessed.


With a comprehensive Compliance Risk Assessment from EI, we’ll help make it easier for you to understand your risk mitigation activities, remediation work, and emerging risk exposures by identifying the key personnel responsible for managing each type of risk.


EI’s assessment will prioritize your risks and provide you with insight on how those risks should be softened or remediated. This detail can be used as a starting point for re-allocation of resources, operational planning, testing and monitoring.


Upon completion of the assessment and once you’ve allocated the appropriate resources to take care of your compliance risks, the severity of those risks will change. Additionally, as your business grows and compliance regulations evolve, your areas of risk will broaden…all of which will drive necessary changes to the assessment itself. EI will be ready to scale your assessment to meet these changes as they occur.


Through EI’s assessment, we’ll lay out your organization’s compliance risk landscape and provide you with an understanding of the areas of compliance risk to which you may be exposed, building the foundation for development of your methodology and strategy.

Assess Your Exposure. Compliance Risk Assessment FAQs

Understanding the depth of your risk
How vast is your compliance risk exposure?
Can you easily determine which areas of compliance risk are most impactful to your organization?
Manage and Mitigate

While eliminating all of an organization’s risk exposure is truly impossible, a well-developed risk framework and methodology can help organizations prioritize which risks it wants to more actively manage. Once defined, this framework and methodology can also identify which existing activities are able to reduce risk, and which are not. Effective mitigation activities can help lessen the potential severity of an event, or even reduce the possibility that it would ever occur.

With a Compliance Risk Assessment from Enterprise Integration, you’ll get actionable insight into your current exposure, along with remediation recommendations and up-to-the-minute knowledge of emerging risks to help you mitigate the possibility of noncompliance.

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