Develop a Hardware Refresh Strategy That Saves You Money

Decrease Downtime and Get the Most from Your Hardware Investments

Hardware Refresh or Upgrade?

  • Is your organization realizing a cost-effective balance between maintaining existing assets and upgrading to the latest hardware?
  • Are you wasting money following a generic 3-5 year refresh cycle that is causing you to get rid of equipment that is still functioning well?
  • Are you risking having your IT systems – or even your business itself – grind to a halt due to a reliance on outdated hardware?

Get a Customized Hardware Refresh Strategy That Suits Your IT & Business Needs

  • Improve operational performance and minimize risk
  • Ensure you avoid dangerous and potentially costly hardware obsolescence
  • Enjoy predictable costs for maintaining or modernizing hardware
  • More accurately budget for future hardware expenses
  • Better balance cost and performance when it comes to your hardware assets
  • Increase business continuity and improve disaster recovery by ensuring you have the best hardware operating optimally
  • Plan your hardware needs much more accurately so you are not caught off guard with a big expense
  • Stay up to date on current and future hardware needs as well as
  • Provide a proper hardware refresh workstation assessment
  • More accurately weigh the costs of refreshing, upgrading and maintenance
  • Gain a much clearer understanding of your business needs in regards to the hardware your business requires to run efficiently

Hardware Refresh

Refresh too early and you are wasting money. Refresh too late and you risk the future profitability of your business.

We provide you with a hardware refresh workstation assessment that maximizes value and minimizes risk.

Don’t Just Take It from Us,

Here’s what satisfied clients are saying about us…

“EI  has handled our IT collapse better than we could have imagined.  They came into a VERY difficult situation, but because of the great Team at EI we are light years ahead of where we were.  They’ve even helped outline a technology plan moving forward!  Not having the stress of worrying about day-to-day IT issues allows us to focus on growing our business while all of our end users are 100% satisfied.”

-Ashley Larsen, Customer Service Center Director, Hampton Golf

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Be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your business’s hardware with EI’s Hardware Refresh Service!

Statistics show that more than 50% of small business disasters are the direct result of hardware failures! We make sure you replace out-dated hardware that is leading to low productivity and lost profits … while also ensuring that you get maximum value from the hardware you purchase.

Why You Need Our Hardware Refresh Service

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Avoid Costly Hardware Failures:

It is vital to have a hardware refresh cycle strategy to avoid hardware failures. We stay on top of the condition of your hardware and make sure that any hardware that needs to be replaced is replaced before it causes downtime.

Improve Hardware Performance:

We monitor how your equipment is running to avoid slow system performance, lower productivity and outages that can severely impact profits.

Lengthen Hardware Lifespan:

Sometimes upgrades and maintenance make more economic sense than a hardware refresh. We make sure that your hardware is handled in the most cost effective way for your business.

Maximize Value of Hardware Assets:

A 3 to 5 year automatic refresh cycle may be costing you money by causing you to get rid of perfectly fine equipment. We customize your refresh cycle so you can maximize the value of your hardware investments.

Control the Hardware Learning Curve:

When you replace equipment in a timely, controlled manner, you can also control the learning curve. You can research new hardware and implement new training before the hardware is actually put into use.

Learn More About Hardware Refresh & What It Can Do for Your Business!

Many companies have benefited from our Hardware Refresh service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hardware Refresh

Avoid Hardware Obsolescence…
Worried about competitors upgrading & surpassing the functionality of your tech?
Want to do more with less while saving money?
Refresh Your Hardware

There are many advantages to regularly refreshing hardware – you avoid falling behind the competition, you receive increased functionality and you decrease failure rates and downtime. The key to any good hardware refresh workstation assessment is having it administered by experts you can trust. At EI, we always put clients’ needs first. You can count on us to personalize a refresh strategy that works best for you.

To ensure you experience the most benefits from a hardware refresh service, the service has to occur proactively instead of reactively. We will carefully study your organization and your hardware and will make sure you have the optimal refresh strategy – one that will boost performance, productivity and profits.

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