Overcome Network Migration Challenges

EI’s Network Migration Service Gives You the
Most Efficient Route from Point A to Point B

Enjoy Minimal Disruptions to Both Worker & Customer Operations!

  • Worried that “stretched” internal resources could make your network migration difficult?
  • Want to save money – as much as 20% to 25% or more – on your upcoming network migration?
  • Looking to complete a network migration on schedule and on budget with minimal work disruption?

Our Network Migration Service Helps You Avoid
Delays, Lost Customers & Lost Revenue

  • Get your migration completed on time and on budget
  • Save money on the cost of your migration
  • Enjoy accelerated completion compared to the time it would take to complete the migration in-house
  • Minimize error and churn rates
  • Get accurate tracking of key performance indicators
  • Enhance your network and boost both worker and customer satisfaction
  • Seamlessly integrate with both new and legacy equipment and applications
  • Avoid the costs of prolonged network downtime
  • Get a solution that meshes with all technologies and vendor products

EI Delivers Strategic Migration Planning and Execution That Minimizes Downtime and Keeps Your Business Moving Forward

Let Us Help You Keep Moving Your Network Forward

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Network Migrations can be complex and filled with challenges – EI ensures a smooth migration with its extensive experience and proven processes!

Our team of experts has solved complex migration challenges for a wide variety of organizations both large and small. We will design, test and execute your migration increasing efficiency and easing pressure on your internal IT team. The end result is a network migration solution that delivers the perfect environment for your business while minimizing downtime and increasing cost efficiency. Avoid the headaches and stresses that usually come with a network migration – let EI ensure your migration goes as smooth as possible and stays on time and on budget.

Why You Need Our Network Migration Service

A Plan That Simplifies and Accelerates:

Our network migration experts study your network and goals and develop a comprehensive execution plan that overcomes challenges and allows you to reach your goals as fast as possible.

The Ultimate Solution:

We’ve conducted numerous migrations and have experience dealing with a wide variety of situations. We’ll gather baseline data, determine involved systems and relevant processes and then use our knowledge to create the best possible migration solution for your business.

Accurate Testing:

We test methodologies and take applications through a process to ensure that each step has been laid out correctly to ensure a full migration of your data can be achieved quickly and easily.

Full Monitoring:

Continually monitoring the stability and security of your network during and after the migration is a must. We handle this alleviating your team of the burden.

Clear Communication:

We outline a timeframe for the migration and keep everyone informed on when deployments will occur. We also inform employees about the scope of the project and the benefits it will bring them to increase buy-in.

Learn More About Network Migration &
What It Can Do for Your Business!

Many companies have benefited from our Network Migration service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Network Migration

Ensure a Smooth Network Transition
Eager to have your migration completed on schedule and with no unpleasant surprises?
Want to save money on migration expenses and avoid too much costly downtime?
Expert Network Migration Solutions

While network migrations can come with a variety of challenges, three of the biggest are getting a proper network assessment at the beginning of the process, deploying the solution on the best schedule and then monitoring the solution after the migration. At EI, we are experts at all of these things – allowing you to put your personnel to work on other important matters.

As technology continues to advice, network migrations are only going to become more complex and financially challenging. EI gives you the well thought out plan and expert guidance you need to overcome any obstacles. We study your organization and develop a migration plan that offers minimal disruptions.

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