Security Policy Management For Consistency Across Your Organization

A central security policy simplifies audit preparation and helps ensure you remain in compliance

Protect Your Data & Your Business With Effective, Efficient Security Policy Management

  • Want to ensure you have a security policy that enables you to identify security weaknesses that are putting sensitive data at risk?
  • Do you wish your business had a security policy that would help it meet compliance requirements?
  • Would you like to have support for constantly changing policy requirements based on changing threat landscape and changing compliance requirements?

EI’s Security Policy Management Service Allows You to Better Manage Existing Technologies While Maintaining Consistent Security

  • Be much better prepared to meet emerging threats
  • Be much better prepared to meet compliance requirements
  • Enjoy enhanced data protection
  • Optimize your organization’s security policies
  • Mitigate cyber threats by reducing your attack surface
  • Achieve continuous compliance with enterprise and industry regulations
  • Boost productivity by minimizing network and application downtime
  • Get firewall change automation that improves business agility as well as security and compliance
  • Get a single pane of glass view for managing all security policies

Today’s complex IT environment requires businesses to have a central security policy that extends across all platforms if they want to ensure security is aligned with corporate needs!

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Enterprise Integration is engaged with Rayonier to perform vulnerability assessments of our IT environment. Throughout our multi-year relationship, EI has delivered exceptional value by generating reports with executive level summaries to help us understand the overall risk profile along with specifically detailed, actionable instructions for our technical team to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. EI also provides subject matter expertise as needed to help with remediation.

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Director Enterprise Infrastructure, Rayonier

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The best way to gain more control and visibility into your system security and user activity is to get an effectively managed central security policy!
Businesses often find themselves with multiple security policies that are difficult to maintain and enforce manually and that may even conflict with each other! At EI, we are experts at assessing an organization’s security needs and then developing one central security policy that stretches across all platforms. Then we can also ensure that policy is kept up to date and we can identify any policy exceptions and get them corrected quickly so that your business operates more efficiently, more safely and more profitably.

Why You Need Our Security Policy Management Service

Better Firewall Management:

In most organizations, there are multiple firewall products and multiple firewall vendors. This leads to many firewall and router rules being redundant or obsolete, which in turn can cause security risks to a network. We eliminate the redundancies and put what you need in one policy!

Greater Cloud Visibility:

Most organizations are turning to the cloud to some degree or another. But it can be difficult to track and monitor what’s going on in the cloud. We create a policy that offers the same visibility in the cloud as in your physical networks.

Ensure Compliance:

Audit preparation and reporting can be difficult and time consuming. Having a central security policy will simplify preparation and help ensure you remain in compliance over the long run.

Customized Solution:

An effective security policy must be personalized to meet your specific business needs yet flexible enough to adapt and grow with your business as the way data is accessed and transferred inevitably changes. We make sure you have just such a plan.

More Control:

With a central security policy that is effectively managed, you’ll gain greater visibility and control of system settings and user activity. Both security and productivity will increase as a result.

Learn More About Security Policy Management & What It Can Do for Your Business!

Many companies have benefited from our Security Policy Management service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective.

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Your business and its employees deserve the most effective security – and that starts with a central security policy. At Enterprise Integration, our experts make sure you have the all-encompassing policy you need to ensure consistent, high level security in your organization.

We will develop a customized security policy for your business that stretches across all your platforms and eliminates the conflicts and uncertainty that can arise when there are multiple policies in an organization.

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