Managed SIEM Solution – Stay On Top of Security Events Across The Enterprise

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Managed SIEM Solution- The EI Way!

  • Are you currently struggling to integrate log files from disparate endpoint management and protection solutions and correlate the events contained within on a frequent basis?
  • Does your team spend valuable time creating correlation rules that then need to be reworked not long thereafter?
  • How much time could your IT staff save with a solution that automatically correlates data and logs from various sources, then generates automated notifications and warnings about specific and potential threats?

EI’s Unique Managed SIEM Solution Will:

  • Gather security event information from the log files of various sources on your network
  • Store all you log data in a certified, secure, compliance-ready cloud location
  • Automatically scour OTX and other threat intelligence sources
  • Keep current with known threat agents worldwide
  • Utilize its powerful, extensible AI engine and troves of data
  • Detect patterns of abnormal activity
  • Display its findings in an easily-understood, highly customizable dashboard
  • Identify and remedy the threats that pose the greatest potential danger
Managed SIEM Solution Lock and Key

A Managed SIEM Solution is only as good as its ability to accurately interpret log files from every security-related tool on your system.

EI managed siem solution supplements its comprehensive log analysis with threat intelligence data and displays the results in an intuitive, customizable dashboard.

An Efficient Managed SIEM Solution Spares Staff Tedious Tasks and Saves Money Organization-Wide

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If you’ve used a managed siem solution product recently, you know they’re a whole lot more powerful than the prior generation of SIEM tools.

However, a managed siem solution still requires a lot of configuration and setup effort to function at its best. Not only do you need to feed it the log files to monitor, you’re also on the hook for continually telling it exactly how you want the data correlated.

At EI, we set out to create a more versatile SIEM using the tools we had already developed to streamline information gathering and processing tasks across the organization. Our intelligent solution transforms SIEM from a personnel-intensive task that chews up IT staff time into a process that occurs mostly in the background and gives staff the data they need in a format that’s easily digestible.

Why Our Managed SIEM Solution?


A full-featured SIEM is now critical for compliance with standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, COBIT 5, PII and others and can be of invaluable assistance should you face a compliance audit.


The AI engine at the heart of our SIEM sucks up threat data from as many sources as possible to give an accurate picture of your security event space and the threat profile exhibited by each event. It can then utilize this data to help you detect 0-day threats that may not otherwise be on the radar of your endpoint security solutions.


As long as your security tool spits out a log file, our SIEM will go get it and analyze it. Rather than forcing you to create new correlation rules, EI’s SIEM can do this itself based on its analysis of available data.


Unlike other SIEMs that need to be constantly tweaked, EI’s does much of the tedious work for you, leaving you free to concentrate on the strategic objectives of aligning your SIEM with your business.


The event display dashboard was designed by security professionals to be as functional as possible, but you can customize it any way you choose to deliver the information of greatest importance in a form you can most effectively utilize.


A Robust Managed SIEM Solution That Works For You
Is it time to consolidate your log files in a secure location and gain the benefit from critical correlations without the time cost of a typical SIEM solution?
Do you want to put the same AI to work in aiding your security management that EI has used to help dozens of clients of all sizes?
A SmarterApproach to Security Management

Enterprise Integration managed SIEM solution enables you to better grasp your organization’s online security status while taking the most tedious related tasks off your hands.

Don’t force your IT staff to handhold your SIEM tool
Maximize their productivity and demonstrate your firm commitment to security with the intelligent SIEM from EI.
Talk to us today and let’s see how we can integrate smart security information/event management into your organization.
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