Take a Step Forward by Backing Up
with Enterprise Integration

When it comes to protecting your data and backing it up, you can trust Enterprise Integration to do two things…

First, design a customized solution that accounts for everything that matters to you and your business while meeting your desired RPO and RTO targets. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, such as ransomware attacks, it is crucial to have robust measures in place to safeguard your information. We are highly tuned into your needs, environments, applications, compliance standards and more to ensure we back up what you need by when you need it.

Then once your tailored solution is in place, you can trust us to manage the daily operations of managing your backups while you focus on your business. Not only do we have the proven record as a Managed Service Provider with more than 25 years expertise, we will also have listened to what is important to you and will be ready to manage your backups, keeping your data secure and accessible while reporting and communicating to you every step of the way.

Two steps. One partner.

Incremental Backups
Snapshot-Based Recovery
High-Availability Configurations
Data Archiving
Data Encryption
Disaster Recovery
Immutable Cloud Backup

We Don’t Just Sell You a Data Protection and Backup Solution

We Design and Manage a Plan of Action
That Truly Works for Your Business and Gives You Peace of Mind

  • Minimize data loss
  • Meet RPO and RTO targets
  • Align backup strategies to business objectives
  • Reduce your risk and cost of data breaches, hacking and other cyber threats
  • Remain compliant and avoid costly fines by ensuring data is always protected and secure
  • Minimize the amount of data at risk and reduce backup windows with incremental windows
  • Minimize downtime
  • Access real-time monitoring
  • Avoid legal ramifications from the loss of critical data
  • Avoid incurring reputational damage and customer loss after data breaches or losses
  • Increase resiliency and minimize service disruptions with high-availability configurations
  • Ensure you can continue to do business even if faced with unexpected downtime or data loss
  • Swiftly restore systems
  • Avoid high recovery costs
  • Avoid loss of revenue and productivity from with data loss
  • Proactively monitor backup systems to ensure data integrity and minimize downtime
  • Rapidly restore critical systems and applications with snapshot-based recovery capabilities
  • Free up internal staff to focus on business objectives while we manage your data protection and backup services

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