Smart Security Centers Around Strong Policies

Find Out How Your Policies Stack Up with a Security Policy Assessment

Put Your Policies To a Real-World Test with a Comprehensive Security Policy Assessment from Enterprise Integration

  • Do you have your security policies written down and in a central location?
  • If so, do they adhere to your compliance needs while taking into account your organizational culture and prime drivers of productivity?
  • Are these policies designed to address potential vulnerabilities in today’s threat-replete security environment?

The Details Matter

When conducting your security policy assessment, EI’s seasoned security operations team will:
  • Evaluate your current security policies for adherence to required standards
  • Review related security documentation to ensure they are up-to-date and compliant
  • Ensure your policy revolves around the triad of confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA)
  • Immerse ourselves in your organizational culture
  • Assess whether or not your current policy deters employee productivity in any way
  • Provide a report with recommendations for policy improvement
  • Detail potential paths forward for plan enhancement
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If you’re not required by law to have a written security policy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one.

If you do have one, it’s critical to ensure that it’s effective and useful for your organization while meeting international guidelines

Shoring Up Your Security Policy Can Pay Dividends Down The Road

Here’s How It Has Helped Companies Like Yours

“I have worked in the IT industry for 19 years and I have worked with many different managed service providers from large tier one service providers to small specialty service providers.  My experience has been that the larger providers tended to have great depth of resources, but due to their size you tended to lose accountably and attention to detail particularly if you were not one of their larger clients.  With the smaller service providers you get the personalized service, but lose the depth of resources which is vital when something goes wrong.  Enterprise Integration brings the best attributes of both.  They have the depth of expertise needed to address enterprise-grade solutions while maintaining the responsiveness of a smaller service provider.  I would recommend Enterprise Integration as a service provider for a small business or an enterprise size corporation.  The people at Enterprise Integration understand what needs to be done and they do it.”

-Steven Hodges, IT Manager Battery Point 

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A Security Policy framework is integral to your company’s IT infrastructure. While it can be tempting to simply integrate security considerations into your procedures without taking the time to craft a specific policy document, your entire team will find such a document very useful as they make decisions in which security plays a part – and these days, that’s almost every decision you face.
That said, if and when you do create such a document, it’s critical that it covers all the bases. That includes the CIA triad as well as a clearly stated scope, specific goals, an attainable objective and responsibilities for compliance – as well as what happens in the event of noncompliance. If your organization is required to meet certain standards such as PCI, HIPAA or the Basel accords, your policy must adhere to those requirements. Simply filling in a template won’t cut it, as the policy should be specifically tailored to your organization’s culture and preferred productivity methods.

Why You Need Our IT Security Policy Assessment?

Seasoned and Certified

EI’s CISO has 20 years of focused security experience, having overseen the creation of hundreds of effective security policy documents in that time. Backed by ITIL and CISSP certifications, our subject matter expertise and experience will provide an effective assessment that gives you the knowledge you need to develop successful and efficient policies.


As part of a Security Policy Assessment, our team of policy experts will work to gain an understanding of your organization’s systems, mission and goals to ensure your security policies line up with them, or to identify how to bring those that don’t into alignment.

Concise & Comprehensive

A security policy is a living document that evolves and grows over time in parallel with your business. Reviews, evaluations and updates are required to ensure your policies are working for you. A comprehensive assessment from EI will identify any areas of your security infrastructure that lack policy strength to help ensure your policies continue to meet your needs.


If your organization is in an industry that is subject to regulatory compliance or legal standards, our experts will determine if your current policies are in adherence and in alignment with best practices and provide recommendations for remediation of any weaknesses.

Security Policy Assessment FAQ

Put Your Policies to the Test …
Does the quick-change nature of security requirements sometimes make it hard for you to define and implement a current and appropriate policy?
Are you certain that all areas of your business are covered by a security policy that’s current and appropriate for your needs?
A Foundation for Cyber Resilience

An effective security policy should clearly define security expectations, roles and responsibilities. It should be built with clear-cut agreements, rules and standards that adhere to regulatory requirements and industry best practices. It should serve as the foundation for a successful security program that protects your information and recovers quickly from disruptions. It should. The only way to know if it does, however, is to put it to the test.

With a comprehensive Security Policy Assessment from EI, we’ll do just that. Our team of experts will assess your existing security policy to identify any weaknesses, lack of coverage, or areas of noncompliance to ensure that your policies set the tone for a successful security program.

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