Boost Application Performance
with WAN Optimization

Extend your data delivery capabilities and lower your ongoing WAN costs with a WAN Optimization solution from Enterprise Integration

Provide better user experiences while saving time and money with the innovative techniques and technologies of WAN Optimization.

  • Are your user experiences negatively impacted by slow application performance?
  • Have you purchased more bandwidth to combat slow data transfers, only to find that the additional bandwidth alone doesn’t solve the problem?
  • Are you certain that data is transferred across your WAN as efficiently and effectively as possible, with no room for improvement?

Maximize the Efficiency of Data Flow Across Your WAN

WAN Optimization from EI will:
  • Help your organization adjust your WAN optimization strategies to fend off escalating costs and deteriorating performance
  • Ensure your strategy aligns with your business objectives
  • Provide secure optimization of all your applications, from your networks to users around the world
  • Give you the ability to access applications and data from anywhere
  • Utilize best-in-class WAN Optimization tools
  • Maximize the efficiency of the data transfers across your network
  • Update your WAN solution to support key business-driven IT trends
  • Ensure your solution is working at its full potential
  • Utilize techniques and best practices such as caching, latency reduction and packet coalescing
  • Customize a WAN Optimization solution tailored to fit your unique business needs
  • Help you take advantage of emerging technologies and new features
  • Ensure you get maximum ROI from your WAN investments

Overcome your network performance issues with EI

Don’t let your business suffer at the hands of congested bandwidth and slow data transfers. Optimize your WAN and increase your throughput today.

EI has helped many organizations boost their WAN’s performance

You could be next!

Enterprise Integration has been an integral part of our technical infrastructure. From designing our Microsoft system platform in 2004 to transitioning our servers to a virtual environment in 2012, EI has been there every step of the way. We value our partnership with EI and continue to be impressed by their level of service and expertise.

Annmarie NemethChief Financial Officer, MJW Consolidated, Inc.

Without a lot of direction from CSX, EI drives efficiency into our operations. EI keeps improving and looking for better ways, tools and products to help us. Working with EI has totally changed the way we support end users.

IT LeadershipCSX Technology

Enterprise Integration is engaged with Rayonier to perform vulnerability assessments of our IT environment. Throughout our multi-year relationship, EI has delivered exceptional value by generating reports with executive level summaries to help us understand the overall risk profile along with specifically detailed, actionable instructions for our technical team to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. EI also provides subject matter expertise as needed to help with remediation.

Eric FakeDirector Enterprise Infrastructure, Rayonier

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To remain competitive in today’s market, organizations have been forced to operate a global, 24 x 7 network. Users, data and applications are literally everywhere. They’re evolving at a rapid pace and the complexity to keep up with their growth is increasing just as quickly. To ensure the efficiency of their network, organizations need people, skills and time to manage performance around the clock, along with the latest optimization strategies and technologies. With limited resources, this often times is easier said than done.
With a WAN Optimization solution from EI, however, it can be easily said and done. We’ll help define your unique optimization strategy and leverage the right technology to accelerate application delivery across your WAN, providing you with better visibility into network performance and end user experience.

Why You Need Our WAN Optimization Service


Through the utilization of smart, scalable WAN Optimization architecture, your response times won’t be cut down when your deployment needs increase. EI will expand your solution to scale, making use of high availability and load-sharing processes to meet network-wide throughput.


EI integrates our industry-leading WAN Optimization capabilities with industry-leading network, application and end user visibility to help streamline management and provide prime application performance.


A WAN Optimization solution from EI can help you gain granular control over what is taking place on your WAN. Leveraging a simplified policy-based approach, EI provides your organization with the ability to easily direct and prioritize various applications over diverse network paths, along with increased capabilities to proactively uncover issues and improve overall performance.


Due to the increasing data transfer efficiencies, WAN Optimization accelerates performance across your environment. Your organization will be able to deliver the best end user experience possible across the WAN, resolve problems faster with improved IT visibility into your applications and network, and deliver faster backups and data replication.


EI’s team of experienced WAN Optimization professionals make use of best-in-class tools and have the knowledge to utilize them effectively, making your integration seamless. Through our industry expertise, you’ll always have access to emerging technologies and the latest innovative WAN Optimization features and functionalities relevant to your business needs.

The Need for Speed. WAN Optimization FAQs.

Get as much as you can from your solution
How do you keep up with the pace of user, data and application evolution?
Are your business-critical technologies collectively driving up your bandwidth costs?
Confidently Optimized

Organizations today are rapidly adopting emerging technologies to provide coverage for modern business-critical initiatives such as virtualization and video and cloud computing. While those technologies help increase efficiency and competitiveness, they may also cause deteriorating network performance and escalating bandwidth costs if the WAN is not effectively optimized.

With a WAN Optimization solution from Enterprise Integration, we will develop and manage an optimization strategy that will support the efficiency of your network’s data flow through the technologies that are critical to the success and survival of your organization.

The right solution can make a big difference

The success of your business is dependent on the performance of your applications
Deploy a WAN Optimization solution and give those applications a boost
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