Ensure a Smooth and Streamlined Migration

Reduce the stress migration can cause and minimize its disruption to operations with EI’s Migration Services

Increase Migration Efficiency and Ease the Pressure on Your Internal IT Team

Migrations are often among the riskiest undertakings for a business. There can be time and financial challenges. There can be complex technological issues.

The truth is there is a lot for businesses to be concerned about when it comes to migrations. Besides technical, cost and schedule risks, there can also be risk found in training, operations and much more.

EI helps businesses avoid these risks and get back to business as usual as fast as possible by designing, testing and executing all aspects of a migration.

Let us do the dirty work for you!

A Successful Migration Starts With EI!

Whether you are moving to a new building and need a new system or you are upgrading your network, EI helps you avoid the headaches and stresses that often accompany a migration.

Our migration experts study your system and goals and develop a comprehensive execution plan that overcomes challenges and allows you to reach your goals quickly and easily.

At EI, we’ve got the migration process down to a science. We’re adept at taking care of everything behind the scenes, which leaves your staff free to carry on as usual. The only time they’ll notice a difference is when the new system comes online.

We’ve performed hundreds of smooth, successful migrations that have enabled businesses to maintain user experience, achieve resiliency, implement network segmentation and centralize monitoring and operations.

In other words, we’ve helped companies do business better – and we are confident we can help you as well.

Migration Services


EI has eased the burden of managing IT alerts and incidents for many organizations

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Network Migration Services That Ensure a Seamless, Efficient Transition!

EI’s Experts Have Solved Complex Migration Challenges for a Wide Variety of Organizations Both Large and Small

Here are just of few of the many benefits you can receive from our migration services:

  • Get your migration completed on time and on budget
  • Save money on the cost of your migration
  • Enjoy accelerated completion compared to when done in-house
  • Maximize operational efficiency by controlling employee access
  • Transfer data storage and file management to the cloud
  • Get better prepared to meet current and future business demands
  • Open your business to new revenue sources
  • Enjoy fast, substantial and long-running ROI
  • Take advantage of all the best AWS features for your business
  • Eliminate complexity and confusion from the cloud
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