Penetration Testing Services – Fix Your Vulnerabilities With Ease

Discover The Gaps In Your Network Security With A Penetration Test, Then Plug Them!

Understand your vulnerabilities and learn how to eliminate them with a penetration test.

  • Have you been wondering what exactly would happen if your company was targeted by a determined attacker doing their best to break into your network?
  • When’s the last time you probed your organization’s entire online IP space, from the applications to the operating system to the wireless network?
  • Isn’t it time you found out for certain where the vulnerabilities in your organization lie so you can then create a plan to effectively deal with them?

Engage EI for Penetration Testing Services, and We’ll:

  • Utilize powerful penetration tools and techniques in an attempt to penetrate your systems
  • Perform testing without disrupting your productivity
  • Comb through your applications and operating systems to find costly misconfigurations
  • Probe your wireless network
  • Attempt to access data associated with business-sensitive systems
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation based on likely business impact
  • Identify potential roadblocks or difficulties standing in the way of vulnerability remediation
  • Provide you with a full report with detailed test results
  • Provide a statement of work on demand

Today even a two-bit hacker can penetrate an average SMB’s security with the right tool and just a few keystrokes.

We use top tools in the industry to attempt to pry open your online door then explain how we did it and how to stop it from ever happening again.

Penetration Testing Can Uncover Alarming Infrastructure Weaknesses

Discover How Proper Testing and Remediation Has Saved Companies Substantial Headaches and Millions of Dollars

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Remember your last evaluation when someone meticulously picked apart your performance and gave you direct feedback regarding your strengths and especially your weaknesses?

Some of what you heard may have given you a bit of a jolt, but doubtless you made it your business to do something about those weaknesses they found as quickly as possible.

The same applies to evaluating your organization’s online presence with penetration testing from Enterprise Integration. We’re almost certainly going to come up with a few items you never knew were a problem, and it may throw you for a loop. And that’s okay – we’re good at this.

But afterward, with help from our experts, you’re undoubtedly going to make it your mission to plug those holes so that subsequent tests – and full-blown attacks – will find no chink in your armor.

Consider this your organization’s online security day of reckoning – except we’re on your side, and we make it our goal to leave your systems far more secure than we found them.

Why You Need Penetration Testing


Continuing your operations unaware of your vulnerabilities is a recipe for disaster. Together we’ll find and fix gaps in your security that if exploited by an attacker could lead to calamity.


Our CISO and SecOps team has amassed more than 15 years in the arena of IT security and will put that to work for your organization ferreting out vulnerabilities that others might miss.


We use the same scanning tools that a hacker would use, except we put their power to work for you as we meticulously search for avenues of penetration that an attacker could use to gain access to your systems.


After we determine your vulnerabilities, we’ll rank them by priority, and if you wish, work diligently to help you seal them against future exploitation.

Penetration Testing FAQ

Don’t Fall Victim by Falling Behind
Have you performed penetration testing since the last time you made a major upgrade or reorganized your network?
Are you certain you completed your remediation efforts after your last penetration test so long ago?
Ensure Your Security

Penetration testing is quick, affordable and effective at determining your online vulnerabilities, giving you the opportunity to remediate them before they’re exploited by an attacker.

Don’t be lulled into complacency because you’ve yet to experience a cyberattack.
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