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Enterprise Integration powered by Digital Robotics delivers onshore IT managed services to clients, transforming their IT operations to world class standards, so they can focus on their business.

Our Culture

Good talent is hard to find. GREAT talent is even harder. And we’re looking for the best talent the industry has to offer. At Enterprise Integration, we believe we are successful because of the type of people who make up our team.

Enterprise Integration And Digital Robotics™

The evolution of advanced automation sits at our core of systems assurance, humanizing IT event storms to effectively manage IT in a much more competitive environment.

Business Technology Supply Chain

We have coined the term “Business Technology Supply Chain” or “BTSC” to represent the IT Supply Chain, an end-to-end technology ecosystem that digital data traverses to enable businesses to run every day.

Asset Lifecycle And Logistics Services

The efficient and purposeful management of your IT products’ lifecycle to ensure quality protection, premier maintenance, and speedy delivery.

Delivering The Promise Of IT

Creating Raving Fans. #1 Customer Experience. Word Hard – Have Fun. Get the Done. Delivering the Promise of IT.

Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way!

Recognize what role you play and be aware that if you are not leading or following, GET OUT OF THE WAY!

IT Transformation From Chaos To Serenity

Distributed. Mobility, BYOC. Cloud. Storage/Backup. Tools, Tools, Tools. IT Transformation is happening in a turbulent world…

Enterprise Integration