Automated Network Management with Maximum ROI

Easily Optimize Your Network with a Scalable Network Management Solution from EI

The optimization of your network is critical, as the demands on your network continues to grow at exponential rates

  • Are you ready to cut costs and improve productivity?
  • Would your productivity improve if you could reduce downtime?
  • Would you like to discover a low-cost structure that is optimized and fits into your budget – and delivers a consistent free flow of data, producing a maximum ROI?

EI’s Leading-Edge Network Management Solution Can Save You Time, Money, and Increase Reliability

  • Provide an optimal network design
  • Deliver a low-cost structure that fits your budget
  • Deliver a consistent free flow of data
  • Maximize ROI
  • Ensure processes are completed within mere minutes, instead of hours or even days
  • Provide a step-by-step approach to network management that is customized around your specific needs
  • Help you achieve faster data transfers including bulk data transfers
  • Help in disaster recovery capabilities
  • Reduce bandwidth expenses
  • Improve response times for interactive applications like databases and software applications
  • Help improve the performance of applications with better bandwidth
  • Help in maximizing network speeds between remote locations

EI’s Network Management Solution Makes It Possible for You To…

Improve profitability, provide a better customer experience, reduce downtime and validate network changes prior to implementation
Our clients speak loud and clear. What will you say?

“Enterprise Integration has been an integral part of our technical infrastructure. From designing our Microsoft system platform in 2004 to transitioning our servers to a virtual environment in 2012, EI has been there every step of the way. We value our partnership with EI and continue to be impressed by their level of service and expertise.”

Annmarie NemethChief Financial Officer,MJW Consolidated, Inc.,

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Businesses are producing larger volumes of data today than ever before.

As the demands on their networks continue to grow and more bandwidth is consumed, optimization becomes critical to help ensure positive customer experiences and to maintain or boost their market share.

EI’s team of Network Management experts will develop a customizable solution that automates and optimizes your network, enabling it to function with maximum efficiency.

Why You Need Our Network Management Service


Our experts can identify what can be optimized so that your network’s stability and performance can be enhanced.


EI’s Network Management Specialists can design a network that will support your expansion as well as integrate your acquired networks, as well as additions of new services.


We prepare your network and team to support new solutions and applications in a controlled, consistent, and efficient manner.


EI’s experts maximize network uptime by proactively managing your device and software lifecycles.


We validate your network changes before implementation.


Our team of experts will increase your network efficiency and staff productivity through a reduction in downtime, disruptions, and time spent troubleshooting.

Maximize your uptime. Network Management FAQs

EI’s Network Management Team Gives You a Complete Solution for Optimizing Networks.
Has the sluggish pace of data transfers slowed your growth?
Has your organization’s bandwidth expenses been on a steady rise?

Solutions that Align with Your Goals

EI’s network optimization can help your organization make use of traffic shaping, redundant data elimination, data caching, and data compression, as well as the streamlining of data protocols.

For almost twenty years, Enterprise Integration has been on the front lines of helping organizations with the protection and preservation of their computer networks.

Our network management team offers a complete solution for optimizing networks that achieve these goals. EI equips administrators with a set of best-in-class tools for diagnosing network and application performance issues.

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