Share a simpler IT,
earn a sizable payday

Join EI’s Affiliate Program
and earn up to $15,000 per introduction

At EI, we truly believe that the greatest compliment we could ever be given is for you to refer us to another business. We sincerely appreciate it. So much so, in fact, that we’d like to reward you for it.

If you know an organization that could benefit from our services, introduce them to us and start easily growing your revenue through our Affiliate Program.

Getting Started

Simply fill out the form to make a referral and one of our representatives will be in contact shortly.

We’ll also ask that you read and sign a Sales Referral Agreement that includes details of the Affiliate Program and asks you to identify where you’d like us to send the checks.

If your referral results in a new client and a signed business contract with Enterprise Integration, you’ll receive compensation to the tune of:
  • 2% of the contract total up to $15,000
What else should you know?
  • Although we’d really like to, we can’t compensate you if your referral is already an EI client, or if they’ve already been referred to us by another organization.
  • If we receive the same referral from two or more organizations, the referral belongs to the organization that submitted the referral first. Get them in quick!
  • Payments will be issued to you based on the length of the contract your referral signs with us. So if they sign up for 6 months, you’ll receive 6 payments, with 12 payments as the maximum.
  • Whether you submit 1 referral or 1,000, you’ll be paid for your referrals that sign up to do business with EI and you can terminate your referral agreement with us at any time.
  • You will not be held responsible for damages caused by an organization you refer to us. There is no risk for you, only rewards.
Referrals are a
win-win for all
Don’t be shy.
make as many referrals as you can and start boosting your earning potential today.
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