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    Managed Security

    In-house and outsourced managed security providers supplying confidence in your security.

    Integrated Services

    Our family-of-services works together to ensure an inclusive toolset providing exceptional service.

    C-Level Assessment

    Exposing top-tier gaps to better improve the rest of your decision-making when it comes to your IT Supply Chain.

    Endpoint Experience

    We begin with the endpoint at the forefront of our mind, ensuring the product at the end is the one we sought after at the beginning.

    Digital Robotics

    The ability to automate proactive responses in defense of your IT Supply Chain is what makes our digital robotics systems unique.


    The symphony of skilled people, automated processes, and intelligent tools creating a simple, humanized view of your entire IT Supply Chain.

    Revolutionizing the IT Industry

    Exceptional people, empowered by Digital Robotics technology.

    IT Supply Chain

    The end-to-end technology ecosystem that digital data traverses to enable your businesses to run smoothly and efficiently everyday.

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    Next Practice

    The mentality we embrace that drives us to challenge industry standards and discover new and efficient ways to evolve and provide revolutionary service.

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    Business Alignment

    Assuring our business practices and assets align with our vision in the areas of IT management, skillsets, and the product they produce.

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    • Device Management

      EI’s Service Delivery Intelligence (SDI) system captures all critical points of the business technology supply chain.

    • Autonomous Defender

      Our Security team, powered by digital robotics technology, protects you in the fight to keep your most important asset, your data, safe.

    • Ransomware Prevention

      We have the tools in place to help protect your company’s information from being held hostage to external threats.

    Devices Managed

    1500 Devices Managed Globally

    Autonomous Defender

    16 Million Attacks Thwarted

    Ransomware Prevention

    $1000 Dollars Saved

    Lifecycle Management

    The efficient and purposeful management of your resources to ensure quality protection, premier maintenance, and speedy delivery.

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