An Industry-Leading Onshore Managed Service Provider

Changing the economic model of IT through Automation and Digital Robotics

An Industry-Leading Onshore Managed Service Provider
Changing the economic model of IT through Automation and Digital Robotics
Simplify. Visualize. Humanize
Gain a clear understanding of your entire IT Supply Chain
Leveraging Digital Robotics For Security Automation
Stay ahead of the opposing threat and maintain compliance
Proactively Measure End User System Health
Strategically maximize value at the End User Level

C-Level Assessment

When it comes to your IT Supply Chain, improve your decision-making by exposing top-tier gaps.

Service Desk

Combining human intelligence and digital robotic automation to provide the best onshore customer service with competitive offshore costs.

Managed Security

An in-house and outsourced managed security provider supplying confidence in your security through our proactive detection tool suites.

Proactive Monitoring

Reduce the impact on your workforce by programmatically handling all of your IT event storms through our digital robotic automation tool suites.


Powered by the best-of-breed, market-leading technology to deliver the most powerful, fully redundant and completely secure private cloud solution.

IT Operations Management

Our certified experts coupled with our innovative tool suites,  maximize operational agility, enhance service availability and improve IT Supply Chain visibility.

Revolutionizing The IT Industry

Exceptional people, empowered by Digital Robotics™ technology.

IT Supply Chain

The end-to-end technology ecosystem that digital data traverses to enable your businesses to run smoothly and efficiently everyday.

Pain Points

Outlining strategies to alleviate IT pain points by streamlining operations and reducing cost through our digital robotics automation tool suites.

Next Practice

The mentality we embrace that drives us to challenge industry standards and discover new and efficient ways to evolve and provide revolutionary service.

Business Alignment

Assuring our business practices and assets align with our vision in the areas of IT management, skillsets and the product they produce.


EI’s Service Delivery Intelligence™ (SDI™) system captures all critical points of the IT Supply Chain.


Our Security Team, powered by proactive detection technology, protects you in the fight to keep your most important asset, your data, safe


We have the right tools in place to help protect your company’s information from being held hostage to external threats.

Asset Lifecycle Management

The efficient and purposeful management of your IT products’ lifecycle to ensure quality protection, premier maintenance, and speedy delivery.

Professional Services

Enterprise Integration offers a variety of professional IT services enabling your organization to run more efficiently and supersede your business goals.

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