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“I have worked in the IT industry for 19 years and I have worked with many different managed service providers from large tier one service providers to small specialty service providers.  My experience has been that the larger providers tended to have great depth of resources, but due to their size you tended to lose accountably and attention to detail particularly if you were not one of their larger clients.  With the smaller service providers you get the personalized service, but lose the depth of resources which is vital when something goes wrong.  Enterprise Integration brings the best attributes of both.  They have the depth of expertise needed to address enterprise-grade solutions while maintaining the responsiveness of a smaller service provider.  I would recommend Enterprise Integration as a service provider for a small business or an enterprise size corporation.  The people at Enterprise Integration understand what needs to be done and they do it.”

Steven Hodges, IT Manager, Battery Point

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Enterprise IntegrationEnterprise Integration