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No Risk, Only Reward.

EI’s Payback Guarantee

If we can’t come up with a solution for your Office 365 migration, we will pay you for the one hour of your time you spent talking to us (rate based on your normal salary) OR we will donate double that amount to the charity of your choice.

That’s how confident we are that we can help you! So don’t delay – schedule your free Office 365 Migration consultation now!

Who It’s For

Companies that are Trapped by Migration Challenges

Ensure a quick and successful migration while avoiding the complexities, stumbling blocks, development issues and re-work that often cause stress, delays and additional cost.

Companies with Security or Compliances Issues

Office 365 Migration services can help you be certain that your solutions are compliant with appropriate industry standards, corporate policies and Microsoft best practices.

SECOPS Professionals
Companies Without Migration Professionals

Even if you have an in-house IT Department, they may not be as well-schooled in Hybrid or Cloud Migrations, or necessary pre-migration analysis and post-migration training.

Why You Need Office 365 Migration Services


Stay on top of your projects anytime and anywhere with Office 365. Grant your team unparalleled access to team sites, documents and libraries with the flexibility they need to improve workflow and increase efficiency using an unmatched pool of devices.


Work better together with Office 365 by removing the roadblocks created by physical and time-zone distance amongst your workforce. Work with colleagues and co-workers in real time to improve your communication, teamwork, and productivity.


Help your organization to continue to be productive without increasing cybersecurity risks with Office 365. Protect against security threats with a customizable information security plan and superior visibility from a centralized dashboard.

Cost ReductionCost Reduction

Save on your capital IT spend with Office 365. As a subscription-based service, free up cash flow by removing up front software costs and scaling your paid services to meet the needs of your budget at any time.

What You Will Get

  • A dedicated team of experts to help your staff realize the benefits of Office 365
  • Enhanced security features and controls
  • Access from anywhere with unparalleled flexibility
  • Improved communication and collaboration capabilities
  • Maximized operational efficiencies
  • Reduction of costs, challenges and risks
  • A suite of tools and apps unavailable on other platforms that provide unequaled productivity potential
  • Updates, patches and new features on a rolling basis with minimal user interruption
  • Scalable services and plans to align Office 365 with the current and future state of your business
  • Increased flexibility and support for more devices and systems

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