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Casey Allen

Casey Allen

Sr. Vice President and COO

As SVP, Business Operations & Client Relationships (COO), Casey brings a wealth of experience building strategic business partnerships and developing professional/technical corporate teams geared for success. His pragmatic approach to business is complimented by a sincere enthusiasm that’s driven by his passion to help people win and see them grow professionally.

Casey’s “Servant Leader” philosophy, found it roots prior to his foray into the corporate world when he played collegiate football and shined as an “All American” Student Athlete and Team Captain. It was there that he discovered how to celebrate his victories with class, learn from his losses and motivate his teammates both on and off the field inspiring them to peak performance. He also began to recognize the personality traits and qualities that sets champions apart. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Psychology and has successfully applied the lessons learned to his professional career, where he still motivates and inspires award winning, top producing teams.

Now, with over 15 years’ experience as an Executive Staffing and HR Consultant, servicing Fortune 500 organizations and creating nationwide business development strategies for staffing agencies, Casey is a nationally renowned and trusted executive advisor to some of the world’s most celebrated industry leaders.

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