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  • Do you believe that right now your business is failing at one of the key pillars of business success – the efficient management of resources (in this case, software resources)?
  • Is not effectively managing your software licenses costing your business money and preventing it from growing as fast as you would like?
  • Do you think you could you benefit from a Software License Management Service that allows you to easily stay on top of all software licensing issues so that you cut costs, comply with end-user agreements and enhance cybersecurity by eliminating unused, unsupported or obsolete applications?

We Make It Easy to Stay on Top of Software Licensing

  • Free your employees up to focus on other important areas of your business
  • We take care of all license management tasks
  • Instant access to licensing experts
  • Streamline your software license management system
  • We will analyze your software licensing issues and customize service to meet your needs
  • We will create a management plan that delivers the most value for your dollar
  • You will enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art technology
  • Consolidate all licensing into one convenient system
  • Minimize the potential of an issue slipping through the cracks and becoming a larger issue later
  • Receive the ultimate protection from costly and stressful “true-ups” and audits

Get the information you need to understand your inventory, defend against compliance audits, and optimize software that is unused or underused.

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-Jim Clark, President / CEO, Daniel Kids

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We Help You Control Costs, Improve Compliance & Security & Anticipate Future Software Needs

Our Software License Management Service helps you manage your software assets more efficiently. With our service you’ll have instant access to software license utilization data as we’ll create a coordinated, centralized system that makes staying on top of software licensing quick and easy.

Why You Need Our Software License Management Service

Don't Be Caught Off Guard
Don’t Be Caught Off Guard:

By proactively managing software entitlements you won’t have cases where licenses expire unexpectedly or are used improperly.

Save Money
Save Money:

Our service will allow you to recycle or eliminate unused licenses and leverage legacy technologies instead of introducing duplicative ones.

Avoid Audits
Avoid Audits:

If you are ever audited you will be able to produce software usage data and prove compliance – with no overtime or project delays, you will have instant access to all the information you need.

Avoid True Ups
Avoid “True-Ups”:

These can occur when an organization is out of compliance and has to “true-up” their licenses. This often involves purchasing under-licensed software at book price. Plus, in some cases fees and penalties are assessed.

Avoid Bad News
Avoid “Bad News”:

Bad news, even from licensing issues, can impact a company’s bottom line and result in lost sales.

Learn More About Software License Management & What It Can Do for Your Business!

Many companies have benefited from our Software License Management service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Software License Management

How It Works…
Want to manage your software licenses more efficiently?
Want to avoid unexpected license expirations?
You Need Software License Management!
Our experts make sure all your software licenses are managed effectively so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expirations that produce unexpected costs and end up interfering with productivity.

We stay on top of all licensing issues so you’ll always comply with end-user agreements. We also get rid of unsupported and unused software. Employees who have been struggling to keep up with all their duties will now have much more time.

With EI’s software license management service a time-consuming, often frustrating task will be removed from the IT Department’s plate. Staff will be able to turn their attention to other important business matters, secure in the knowledge that the company’s software licenses are being managed effectively.

License Management No Longer Has to be Difficult, Time Consuming or Expensive!
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