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Gain Insight into All Devices & Applications in Your Environment

You’ll Never be in the Dark Again… Never Have to Make an Educated Guess About an Asset or Its Use Again!

  • Did you know that keeping track of IT assets will save your company both time and money and help ensure maximum returns for stakeholders?
  • Are you making the same mistake many other businesses make – refusing to allocate money in the budget or hire resources for IT Asset Management (ITAM) until it becomes a problem?
  • Are you facing an audit or want to avoid the time and expense that accompanies one? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

EI Provides the ITAM Solutions You Need to Excel!

  • We reduce the high costs associated with software license management.
  • We ensure you get the most value from hardware assets throughout their lifecycles.
  • We automate hardware procurement – saving you time, improving productivity and reducing costs.
  • We allow you to make informed decisions about whether to buy, lease or re-deploy depending on current inventory.
  • We can help you eliminate potentially unnecessary purchases of new assets.
  • We deliver solutions that provide full insight into the comprehensive lifecycle of IT hardware assets.
  • Our automated process handles hardware management more efficiently
  • We can help reduce cost by tracking inventory and ensuring data is securely transferred or disposed.
  • An automated SAM process mitigates risk through verifying audit compliance
  • Eliminate the cost of paying for unused licenses
  • We partner with leading companies to provide Best-in-Class ITAM solutions
Asset Management Dashboard

We accurately identify all of your IT assets and then make sure they are being utilized in the best manner possible. We also strengthen software security and ensure you are not caught off guard by licensing issues in the future.

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Look What Others Are Saying About Our Service:

Without a lot of direction from CSX, Enterprise Integration drives efficiency into our operations. Enterprise Integration keeps improving and looking for better ways, tools and products to help us. Working with Enterprise Integration has totally changed the way we support end users.

Mike Nail Director of Process Excellence, CSX Technology

Enterprise Integration has been Daniel’s IT solutions provider for the better part of 15 years. WE are very satisfied with the level of customer service and attention to detail they provide, which allows Daniel to concentrate on our core mission. Enterprise Integration always goes above and beyond and sets the standard.

Jim ClarkPresident/CEO, Daniel Kids

Enterprise Integration has provided JHA with a hybrid infrastructure-as-a-service (“IAAS”) since 2010. From designing our Microsoft system platform in 2012, to transitioning to a cloud backup in 2014, Enterprise Integration has been there every step of the way. We value our partnership with Enterprise Integration and continue to be impressed by their level of service and expertise.

Evann MorrisIT Director, Jacksonville Housing Authority

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We Create Multi-Layered ITAM Solutions That Take into Account Complexities of Software License Structures; Increased Use of Mobile Devices; the Cloud-Based Platforms Trend; and More
Our knowledgeable staff and strong partnerships allow us to integrate, automate and manage your IT processes, which in turn produces ultimate protection against audits; extensive hardware and software insight; and a reduction in IT spending. If you value IT excellence and want to develop a relationship with a proven business partner that fully understands your business and knows how to implement technologies to improve operations, Enterprise Integration’s ITAM services are for you!.

Why You Need Our ITAM Services

Compliance – Software Monitoring:

Our continuous license monitoring delivers insight into all devices and applications that comprise your computing environment.

Contract Management:

Asset management, tracking and reporting of company assets are integrated into one database to improve productivity, increase efficiency and lower costs.

Automated Purchasing:

Our self-service portals allow end users to independently request assets, licenses and services to automate the ITAM procurement process.

Software Asset Management:

We determine the number of devices and installed software on the entire network and also indicate which licenses are being utilized.

Hardware Asset Management:

Inventory automation tracks acquisitions, assignments and hardware locations.

Relationship Management:

Mapping relationships between components will allow you to deliver improved service management.


View detailed information on discovery, utilization, inventory, configuration, and various network environments.

Audit Defense:

We deliver a comprehensive assessment of the state of your organization’s license posture. We will also support you in the event of a surprise audit.

Data Recovery:

We are often able to repair damage to hardware so that available data can be transferred to a new device.

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Many companies have benefited from our ITAM services. In fact, our services have repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective

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What We Do For You…
Looking to Better Manage IT Costs?
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You Need ITAM from EI

With EI’s ITAM services you’ll enjoy instant access to up to the minute information and insight on IT assets, utilization of assets, billing for assets, demand management, capacity planning, procurement management, use management, retirement management, software license management, hardware management, contract management, support and vendor management, maintenance management, warranty management and more.

This is your chance to easily keep track of all your assets. We’ll help you manage assets from different locations in an accurate and effective manner.

We’ll also help you make sure amortization rates are accurate and help you save money on maintenance.

Become More Productive & More Profitable … With Our ITAM Service!

Imagine never having to guess again what’s in your company’s “Bill of IT” … Our ITAM services allow you to better understand the capabilities of your assets and how they can be operated efficiently. You’ll also be able to better manage risk, remove ghost assets from your inventory and lower incidents of theft.

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