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  • Looking to improve the performance of your current database – such as speed up a slow-running system or increase scalability?
  • How you would you like to monitor, protect and optimize your databases for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time database administrator (DBA)?
  • Want to ensure you maintain control and function optimally in the face of the ever-increasing amounts of data being generated today and data systems that are growing more and more complex?

Real-Time Database Management Powered by Our Breakthrough DRE (Digital Robotics Engine)

Our onshore team of database experts performs the following remote database management services for our clients each month:
  • Proactive performance tuning
  • Crisis mitigation
  • Proactive database administration
  • Database activity monitoring
  • Database issue resolution
  • Weekly technical calls
  • Monthly calls with account manager

You get reliable, personalized remote database administration services from professional DBAs who will diligently ensure that your systems are properly maintained and operating smoothly and efficiently – all for a reasonable cost.

Our Onshore Remote Database Management Service Ensures Your Business Has the 24/7 Database Support it Needs to Grow in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

We Can Take Complete Responsibility for Your Database Environment or for Specific Tasks … Either Way We Free Up Your Internal Team to Focus on Other Critical Tasks!

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As a Remote Database Management Client, You Gain Access to Our Proprietary DRE (Digital Robotics Engine)!

DRE monitors email alerts generated by your database every day, providing real-time reporting on the health of your database. It can also turn this data into actionable tasks by opening support tickets. It then performs the action it determines is necessary and closes the ticket after completion.

6 More Reasons Why You Need Our Database Management Service

Database Health Check:

Our Database Health Check is a proven autonomous engine that swiftly identifies your database pain points impacting your application experience and user experience. We look for performance optimization opportunities and potential scaling issues and rank them by priority. We then deliver a detailed report.

Performance and Tuning Consulting:

Our team of guru-level DBAs will analyze your systems and recommend solutions to improve the performance of your database. With your approval, we will then implement the changes to your database management system. Our goal is always to beat industry standards of performance.

Architecture Design and Planning:

Our architecture design and planning solutions ensure that your implementation is a success! Our team of database experts works with you to review your goals and to design a solution that will not only solve your right-now problems but also plan for the future, saving you time, money and frustration in the long run.

Scalability Assessment:

As your company grows, it’s important that your systems are designed to scale. We can help you create the plan you need to ensure growth isn’t impeded by database issues.

System Audit/Pre-Audit:

Do you have an audit looming? With over twenty years of experience helping companies prepare for audits, we know what auditors are looking for. We will examine your system security, test entry points, scan for potential security issues and compare your system to best practices and industry standards.

Migration and Upgrades:

Our DBA experts perform migrations and upgrades between all database management systems (DBMS), as well as alternative hardware solutions and server consolidations.

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Many companies have benefited from our Remote Database Management service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective.

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Reliable, Personalized Database Management

As more and more items become connected to the Internet and more and more data is generated, the only way for businesses to properly manage and monitor everything is going to be through automation. At EI, we’ve been an innovator in digital robotics since the early 2000’s. Our Digital Robotics Engine (DRE) takes in vast amounts of information from multiple tools and correlates the data into actionable information.

DRE uses AI and machine learning to provide real-time correlation of information. Also, it categorizes and routes alerts to the right teams and assesses seriousness of risks. DRE also delivers highly accurate business analytics so that you can quickly determine how the business and various teams are performing.

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