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Managing the technology stack to help your company’s advancement in the market

  • Do you have full and immediate visibility of your systems, with access anytime you need it?
  • Is your company’s IT infrastructure agile enough to adapt to ever-changing demands?
  • How much can you save by getting rid of unneeded cloud expenses and optimizing cloud resources?

Ease Your Management Burdens

EI Will:
  • Manage the cloud solution to ensure your digital optimization goals are met.
  • Provide real-time insights and performance analysis across multiple clouds 24 x 7.
  • Eliminate your cloud sprawl.
  • Help ensure that your cloud environment remains efficient and your data is secure.
  • Give you the ability to control your company’s IT spend, instead of your IT spend controlling your company.
  • Eliminate complicated access controls while providing tighter security.
  • Centralize the governance of the permissions to your systems.
  • Automate manual workflow processes.
  • Facilitate a healthier use of your company’s internal resources.
  • Help increase your overall productivity and stimulate growth.

Cloud Management Services

Get relief from slow, complex processes that are stunting your company’s growth

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Many organizations have experienced the advantages of EI’s Cloud Management Services Let us show those benefits to you

“Enterprise Integration has been an integral part of our technical infrastructure. From designing our Microsoft system platform in 2004 to transitioning our servers to a virtual environment in 2012, EI has been there every step of the way. We value our partnership with EI and continue to be impressed by their level of service and expertise.”

Annmarie NemethChief Financial Officer,MJW Consolidated, Inc.,

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In order to remain competitive in the ever-evolving digital economy, many companies have turned to the cloud for help.

With more and more companies adopting its services, the competition has stiffened, causing an increased demand for diversity of cloud resources from companies attempting to spark growth, or sustain it. But with that has come an increased complexity to manage those resources while still maintaining operational compliance, causing companies to reallocate internal resources to retain control over their cloud environments.
Cloud Management Services from EI provides your company with the technology to help you utilize your resources effectively, to innovate without restraint, and achieve increased market share.

Why You Need Our Cloud Management Service

Competitive Edge:

Devoting IT resources to managing infrastructure is burdensome and costly. With EI’s help, you can move more nimbly in the market than your competitors that aren’t optimizing their cloud environments.


Workloads fluctuate. Business needs evolve quickly, sometimes without warning. And your infrastructure needs to keep up with those changes. Your management solution from EI can be scaled on demand, making sure your workflow needs are continually aligned with your cloud arrangement.


Visibility matters. And EI provides comprehensive visibility of all of your systems, no mater where they are in the cloud…giving your business the ability to allocate resources appropriately, and to conduct well-defined resource analysis.


By leveraging our revolutionary Digital Robotics Engine, EI’s intelligent automation removes the need for manual complex workflow management by automatically integrating and harmonizing information across unrelated workloads…making for simpler, more cost-efficient management.


With EI’s help, you’ll easily gain insight into the performance of your business-critical applications delivered from your cloud environments, to help ensure ideal end-user experiences.

Cloud Management FAQ’s

Unproductive administrative tasks may be chewing up more of your valuable resources than they should be…
Do you seem to be spending more and more time and money on fruitless activities?
Are these administrative burdens slowing your growth?
You need some relief!

Suppose your staff finally had the freedom to focus on innovations and critical business initiatives, rather than managing your company’s infrastructure…suppose your bottom line wasn’t suffering because of excessive IT spend…suppose you could realize the potential cost savings of getting a new application up and running in 30 hours, rather than six to nine months.

If you suppose this sounds like a step in the right direction, we need to talk. Cloud Management Services from EI can deliver the tools and agility you need to help you take those steps.

Don’t wait any longer to uncover your competitive advantage
Increase innovation and efficiency, decrease IT spend…
it’s a win-win!
Contact us today to discuss how our Cloud Management Services can help simplify your infrastructure.

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