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How to Analyze, Model & Produce Your Best ITAM Plan

Making the Best Use of IT Assets is Key to Succeeding in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

  • Are you currently getting maximum value from your IT assets?
  • Do you have insight into all of the assets the company owns, where they are, who uses them and who paid for them (this is your “Bill of IT” that drives your efficiency)?
  • Do you currently have an effective way to analyze costs, opportunities and risks as well as desired performance so you can easily see how your assets are helping (or not helping) your business achieve its objectives?

We are Capable of Analyzing All Assets’ Use & Value Through the Entire Lifecycle

  • Reduce risk and expense associated with your IT assets
  • Gain visibility into your company’s “Bill of IT”
  • Develop an effective asset management plan
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your assets
  • Make future decisions based on accurate ITAM data
  • Track asset’s use and value through request, procurement, deployment, maintenance and retirement phases.
  • Gain additional information and insight into demand management, capacity planning and more
  • Get a customized ITAM program that will address your particular business needs

Our consultants provide a fresh, independent look at your asset dilemmas and then offer workable solutions to those dilemmas.

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Here’s what happy clients are saying about us…

“EI  has handled our IT collapse better than we could have imagined.  They came into a VERY difficult situation, but because of the great Team at EI we are light years ahead of where we were.  They’ve even helped outline a technology plan moving forward!  Not having the stress of worrying about day-to-day IT issues allows us to focus on growing our business while all of our end users are 100% satisfied.”

-Ashley Larsen, Customer Service Center Director, Hampton Golf

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Effective IT Asset Management can be a real challenge! We help you overcome challenges quickly and easily through our software vendor audit, strategic ITAM planning and process implementation.
With EI, you get a partner with a strong work ethic, dedicated to getting the right results for your business and to creating solutions tailored specifically for your business. This is all done by consultants who know IT Asset Management and can design a program that is easy to follow, dynamic and sustainable in your company’s future.

Why You Need Our ITAM Consulting Service


We utilize our knowledge of systems to ensure processes happen with little to no interaction when possible.


We will get to know your business and your IT assets thoroughly so that we can accurately analyze and model and produce the very best ITAM plan for you.


We have vast working knowledge of software licensing models, metrics and calculations.


We are also experts in asset related contract, financial and procurement terminology.


We have in-depth skills and experience from working with vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and more.

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Many companies have benefited from our ITAM Consulting service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective..

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Frequently Asked Questions About ITAM Consulting

What ITAM Consulting Will Do for You …
Do you want to determine the real value of your IT assets?
Do you want to make sure you get maximum ROI from your IT assets?
Determine Real Value of IT Assets

Our consultants are vendor neutral and not beholden to any specific ITAM approach. In other words, they will develop an ITAM program that is customized to your business – a program that will address your particular needs and concerns and ensure have exactly what you need in the future.

We are dedicated to getting the right results for your business. We are also talented consultants who know how to discover asset dilemmas, explain them in easy to understand language and propose efficient, effective solutions.

Our Proactive ITAM Consulting Service Identifies & Mitigates ITAM-Related Risks Before They Become Serious Issues!
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