Developing Dynamic Big Data Strategies that Drive Big Innovation

Overcome your data challenges and re-gain your competitive edge with the help of Big Data Consulting Services from EI.

Learn how to utilize your data for business-critical insights

A well-planned Big Data strategy can have an immediate and ongoing positive impact on your organization.

  • Are there obstacles getting in the way of your ability to see the value of your own data?
  • Are you spending money to accommodate data needs that could be saved by utilizing Big Data best practices?
  • Is your strategy missing something that could lead to more cost savings, better efficiency, or increased market share?

Empowering you to conquer your data limitations.

EI will:
  • Validate your existing Big Data strategy
  • Develop a brand-new, customized strategy tailored to fit your unique business needs
  • Advise what technology platforms are best suited for your Big Data ecosystem
  • Help you take advantage of your data to gain a competitive advantage
  • Educate your organization on best practices to make you data highly available
  • Help ensure your data remains safe and secure
  • Enhance the capabilities of your Big Data strategy
  • Help you detect and overcome inefficiencies in your current strategy
  • Identify potential cost saving opportunities
  • Eliminate redundant data extraction
  • Help you leverage your data from one agnostic user-friendly platform
  • Identify how to achieve true real-time data reporting
  • Help roadmap a digital transformation strategy to support your data projects

Become data-driven and data-innovative.

Don’t waste another minute living with your data problems. Big Data is here now, and along with it comes the capabilities you need to stay in business.

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-Jim Clark, President / CEO, Daniel Kids

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Data is one of the most valuable resources an organization has at its disposal.

But ineffective use of data can result in overspending, unproductive resource allocation, dulled competitive edge, and decreased market share, just to name a few. An infusion of data-use best practices and dynamic, agile methodologies can separate the innovative from the irrelevant. Deciding the most appropriate path to data optimization, however, can often be a difficult choice to make. If proven unsuccessful, these choices can be costly and damaging. Choosing correctly requires an understanding that only experience can provide.

With Big Data Consulting Services from EI, our expertise will help you realize the value of your data, and create your data as an asset. Backed by industry-leading experience, our subject matter experts will help you develop an agnostic Big Data strategy that will alleviate your data challenges, and support your standing amongst the innovative, data-driven industry leaders.

Why You Need Our Big Data Consulting Services


Our Big Data subject matter expertise doesn’t come from one successful implementation. We’ve seen the technology mature, and learned from the lessons and mistakes of failed projects. We understand the best practices and agile methodologies that can help your organization overcome data challenges.


Our separation from the competition is truly remarkable, and unique to our experiences as a whole. The right experience is key. Without it, projects are doomed to fail. With EI’s Big Data Consulting Services, you get exclusive access to these experiences, ensuring that your strategy is developed without learning curve hiccups and ready to drive innovation out of the gate.


With EI’s Big Data Consulting Services, you’ll find out how your organization can achieve true real-time data reporting. You’ll see how you can grab your data in flight, move it where you need it to go, and get the results immediately, sharpening your competitive edge.


Big Data strategies help overcome the challenges of bringing data from traditionally siloed systems together. Big Data Consulting Services from EI helps identify the right way to achieve this by making your data platform agnostic, and giving you the ability to look at data no matter what format it’s in.


With the utilization of an effective Big Data Strategy from EI, your organization will experience increased efficiency of business operations by streamlining data gathering activities, and understanding compliance requirements.

Big Data Consulting FAQ

Leverage Your Data as an Asset…
Are you frustrated with how your data is being received?
Confused, and need a guiding hand to show you it can be more effective?
Data-focused Consultancy

Big Data Consulting is broad terminology and can mean many different things. Many times, this means that the consultancy is defined by a specific technology solution or platform. This may be fine in some cases, but in others, it can be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Depending on your needs, some technologies are simply more effective than others. And in order to maximize any potential benefit from a strategy, the right tools must be utilized.

With Big Data Consulting Services from EI, we determine the right strategy by focusing on your data. We don’t have any preconceived notion of what your strategy should look like. We use any technology solution we can to meet your needs, after we understand what your data problems are, and what it is that you need from your data. We don’t just build what partnerships tell us we should build. We build what you need.

See the value of your own data.
Leverage our experienced Big Data subject matter experts to achieve your desired results…
Results that will improve your competitive edge

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