Maximize the ROI of Your Projects with Comprehensive IT Project Management

Align deliverables with your desired business outcomes by utilizing customizable IT Project Management Services from EI

Without effective supervision, even the most carefully-planned IT projects can fail

  • How many of your past projects met their original goals and business intent?
  • Were the people, processes, and technologies utilized effectively?
  • How much money has your organization wasted on projects that have failed simply because of inadequate communication or the lack of skilled resources to accomplish defined goals?

We know the best practices, and how to adapt when the unexpected happens

EI Will:
  • Help plan and define the scope of your project
  • Utilize project management best practices to maximize efficiency and success
  • Develop a customized solution, including template tools and reports
  • Fill gaps in your service coverage by sourcing talent throughout the country
  • Give you access to the right resources, when and where you need them
  • Establish schedules and task completion timelines
  • Make regular adjustments and updates as necessary
  • Provide real-time communication to ensure all necessary parties are up-to-date
  • Coordinate the completion of required tasks
  • Adapt to ever-changing priorities
  • Reduce overspending by managing project to the budget
  • Provide accurate forecasts
  • Ensure goals and business intent are achieved on time and within budget

Take a comprehensive approach to your Project Management with Enterprise Integration.

Don’t risk wasting any more valuable resources on projects doomed for failure.

Maximize my ROI today!

EI has helped many organizations plan and manage their critical IT projects.

Yours could be next!

“I have worked in the IT industry for 19 years and I have worked with many different managed service providers from large tier one service providers to small specialty service providers.  My experience has been that the larger providers tended to have great depth of resources, but due to their size you tended to lose accountably and attention to detail particularly if you were not one of their larger clients.  With the smaller service providers you get the personalized service, but lose the depth of resources which is vital when something goes wrong.  Enterprise Integration brings the best attributes of both.  They have the depth of expertise needed to address enterprise-grade solutions while maintaining the responsiveness of a smaller service provider.  I would recommend Enterprise Integration as a service provider for a small business or an enterprise size corporation.  The people at Enterprise Integration understand what needs to be done and they do it.”

-Steven Hodges, IT Manager, Battery Point

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Proper Project Management Practices are Essential

Projects play a critical role in the strategic plan and vision of an organization. In order to ensure that a plan is realized, careful consideration must be given to the management of the components that are critical to a project’s success. Complex IT projects have a lot of moving parts, and even the most clearly-defined of them have the potential to be impacted by a lack of communication, ownership, or ineffective resource management. However…

With comprehensive IT Project Management Services from EI, that no longer needs to be a concern. Through our expertise and skill, we’ll deliver your projects on time, on budget, and within the defined scope.

Why You Need Our IT Project Management Service


Our certified professionals have the talent, experience and understanding to quickly and accurately establish project scope, milestones, timing and roles. This expertise helps to ensure the successful delivery of your projects.


Complex IT projects typically have a lot of working components to manage, and for a variety of reasons, the scale and importance of each component can change as a project progresses. We have the experience and flexibility to adapt quickly to any shift or change, while keeping your project on track.


Our Project Managers will plan, schedule and manage based on your unique needs. Management plans are completely customizable.


With an IT Project Management solution from EI, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager. A dedicated PM gives you a single point of contact for all communication and provides you with greater visibility across your projects. Tailor-made reports also provide actionable insights into processes and procedures that can help support any necessary improvement initiatives.

Trusted Partner:

As your partner, EI can help you through highly complex projects, relatively easy projects, and everything in between. We’re committed to helping you reach success with each project, meeting goals as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves on helping to eliminate the frustration of project delays and unanticipated costs.

Am I a good candidate for IT Project Management? IT Project Management FAQs.

Total IT Project Management
Are you eager to implement a new solution, but worried about ROI?
Have you been frustrated by your current provider’s implementation strategy?
Get the value you deserve.

Accomplishing a project’s goals while never breaking from its restrictions is what IT Project Management is all about. To truly add value to the process, a project management team should also supply additional innovation and leadership. Infusing best practices with variable factors such as time savings, technology implementation, and process improvements can provide an organization with the freedom to utilize internal resources for business-critical growth initiatives. Doing so provides added value beyond standard project management service.

With a comprehensive IT Project Management solution from EI, that added value is part of the norm. We’ll provide you with communication tools, customized reports, and the ability to bridge any gaps in your services by sourcing top-level talent. We don’t stop there! We’re always looking for ways to manage your processes more effectively.

Ensuring your projects stay on time and on budget.
Simplifying complex IT projects.

Providing clear focus and management that leads to project success.

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