Employ Information Security Management from Enterprise Integration

And Proactively Protect Against Today’s Enumerable Security Threats

With constantly-evolving malware, ransomware and other potential attacks, today’s security landscape is precarious at best. EI’s information security management offers a full suite of services to help you protect your systems on your terms and quickly respond to even the most devious 0-day attack.

If You Haven’t Updated Your Security Program Accordingly, You’re at Risk

  • Have you decided it’s time to start taking security more seriously, and you need a company who has been there and done that to help your organization take the next steps?
  • Are you sick of handling your security piecemeal, and you’ve decided to implement a full-scale comprehensive security management solution?
  • Are you particularly lacking in one area of security that you’d like to shore up?

EI Has You Covered With Any or All of Our Information Security Management Services

When you place EI in command of your information security, we’ll step up to the plate with an arsenal of industry-leading tools backed up by a Security Operations Team who knows their stuff and makes it their mission to gain a firm grip of the ever-changing arena of information security. With EI on your side, you’ll finally experience security peace of mind.

Give IT staff time to focus on other key areas;

Pass compliance audits with flying colors

Keep your network snappy and secure

Gain priceless peace of mind regarding your organizational security

With an elite team of security experts and access to the industry’s most effective tools, Information Security Management with Enterprise Integration enables your organization to tighten its security while maximizing productivity.


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Thrive with EI Information Security Management

We’ve used our 20+ years in business to put together each of our information security offerings. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how best to provide your organization with security you can count on while ensuring maximum employee productivity across the board.

With Information Security Management from EI, you’ll get:
  • All-encompassing network security through the latest tools and AI automation;
  • Robust security policy management tailored to your unique organizational characteristics;
  • Powerful SIEM and SOC capabilities that help highlight potential vulnerabilities and protect against attacks;
  • And vulnerability management services that prioritize and remediate threats before they can harm your organization.

Handling security yourself is a dangerous proposition that takes valuable IT staff time away from other obligations, while potentially leaving you open to any number of compliance issues as well as outright attacks that can cripple your organization.

Don’t go it alone;
put your security in the hands of the seasoned pros at EI.

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