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Accelerate database change management. Bring development and operations together to streamline IT delivery with DevOps Services from EI.

Discover how you can gain an upper hand in a fast-paced digital business world

Adoption of DevOps is the difference between organizations that evolve and succeed and the ones that watch as their competitors succeed.

  • Is it becoming more and more difficult to align your database changes with your application updates?
  • Are siloed Development and Operations teams causing a database logjam in your organization?
  • How much market share has your organization lost because of traditional software development and infrastructure management processes that are unable to keep pace with a modern, collaborative process proven to deliver reliable applications at high velocity?

Plug the gaps between software development and IT operations

EI Will:
  • Facilitate the collaborative interaction between your Development and Operations teams
  • Help you reduce your time to market, increase team productivity and accelerate deliverables
  • Provide you with more efficient and predictable deployments
  • Mitigate the risk of performance problems with an early identification process for any quality concerns
  • Save you time and minimize customer frustration by reducing defects across the lifecycle
  • Simplify database change management
  • Turn complex processes into easily repeatable practices with regular examinations
  • Provide higher quality implementation and minimized downtime
  • Optimize your processes by monitoring the performance of your applications
  • Automate your infrastructure by building your systems and the deployment of your applications as code
  • Allow you to continuously deliver, create, test and deploy with great speed and accuracy
  • Protect your data as it moves through your environment
  • Heavily monitor for suspicious activity
  • Provide peace of mind


Don’t gift your competitors an advantage over you

Implement Devops to deliver faster with greater agility.

Increase your agility today!

EI has helped many organizations enhance their culture and processes with a DevOps Solution

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“Enterprise Integration (EI) has been Daniel’s IT solutions provider for the better part of 15 years. We are very satisfied with the level of customer service and attention to detail they provide, which allows Daniel to concentrate on our core mission. EI always goes above and beyond and sets the standard.”

-Jim Clark, President / CEO, Daniel Kids

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In order to keep pace with today’s business, enterprise systems are demanding increased software deployment speed, along with greater efficiency of those releases from their IT teams.

And because of this ever-increasing demand, those IT teams are under immense pressure to deliver, or risk their organizations falling behind the competition and losing market share. The challenge of ensuring quality and speed is even more taxing with traditionally siloed Development and Operations teams working independently, or geographically dispersed teams working on their own.

But with DevOps Services from EI, the adoption of more automated processes and standardized practices makes continuous delivery possible, and ensures rapid deployment without compromised quality.

Why You Need Our DevOps Services


Building a collaborative DevOps culture through EI’s DevOps Services creates more effective teams within your organization that work faster and add value quicker. With traditionally independent Development and Operations teams now combining their workloads, inefficiencies are reduced, and time is saved.


Get your software deployed to market faster with a DevOps Solution from EI. Adopting automation and standardized procedures allows your organization to innovate faster and adapt to changing markets more effectively, while dramatically improving productivity.

Continuous Delivery:

By increasing the pace of your releases, you can innovate and improve your products with great speed. DevOps Services will help build your competitive advantage by giving you the ability to fix bugs and release new features through an automated software release process.


Stay informed of software performance in real-time by utilizing continual monitoring and recording practices. With DevOps, your organization can test changes, diagnose any issues and optimize your processes quickly and efficiently.


Adopting a DevOps model doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice security. By automating compliance policies and configuring management methods, your organization can define and track compliance, and know your sensitive data is always protected.


Utilizing our revolutionary Digital Robotics Engine, we can evaluate the optimization of any changes you make, to help you understand the effect those changes had on your efficiency and performance.

Helping to keep your organization competitive in your market.

Business users want application changes…
But what’s the priority? Speed or stability?
Why can’t it be both?
It’s a common dilemma….

Organizations feel like they must make a choice between delivering changes quickly to their users with an unstable environment, or delivering a stable but tired one. Development teams and Operations teams are constantly at odds with each other, battling it out to determine which team’s priorities are of greater importance, even though neither without the other is an acceptable choice for executives or end-users. With seemingly no way to make everyone happy, the “right” decision is often an impossible one to make…until DevOps.

DevOps was created to solve this problem. Through automation and collaboration from everyone associated with development and deployment, there is one team with a shared focus…quick delivery of highly stable and quality software.

Synchronize Database Changes and Application Delivery
Increase productivity and innovation.
Decrease time to market for your business-critical changes and new functionalities.

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