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You’re in the business of your business.

We’re in the business of supporting it.

We’re here to provide premier IT service management solutions that utilize top-tier tools and technologies so you don’t have to worry about backlogs of tickets, unexpected outages or security threats.

Why do you need IT Service Management?

In today’s technology landscape, all organizations need qualified professionals in each of the technology disciplines required to be competitive in the market. Without them, organizations risk experiencing disruption and downtime that can cause loss of trust, revenue and market share.

  • Have you ever experienced walking into work to find that one of your critical systems is down?
  • Have you experienced a preventable data breach, security breach or virus outbreak?
  • Do you consistently hear complaints from other departments about slow IT resolution times?
Not anymore. Not with EI’s help

How do EI’s managed services help?

With our comprehensive suite of unmatched services, tools and technologies, we can support any one aspect of your IT or do it all for you. Partner with EI and we’ll scale a solution that delivers the results you need and the benefits you deserve.
Tier 2 Call Center Staff
Superior Service

through first contact resolution with expert Tier 2 call center staff

Increased Performance
Increased Performance

with faster ticket resolution through automation and artificial intelligence

Maximized Efficiency
Maximized Efficiency

by ensuring that unexpected outages never have an impact on your day-to-day

Unrivaled Security
Unrivaled Security

by reducing your risk of falling victim to leading security threats

Get the right skills and processes you need to proactively manage day-to-day IT operations in support of your business initiatives.

Don’t Just Take It from Us,

Here’s what one of our clients recently had to say about our managed services.

Mike Mahoney Vice President SGS CO

We’ve got our eyes on the glass
so you don’t have to

With our elite-level tools, you’ll instantly enhance your IT capabilities through:

Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation:

Streamline your business processes with a mature artificial intelligence tool and self-learning machine capabilities.

End-to-End Visibility
End-to-End Visibility:

Gain instant data-driven insight across your entire business technology supply chain through one unified dashboard.

Core-Level Monitoring
Core-Level Monitoring:

Monitor and report on all your endpoint devices from a single view that provides health data with perspective on the end user.

Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence:

Get armed with the latest threat intelligence capabilities through innovative AI and 24/7 visibility.

Proactive Management
Proactive Management:

Snuff out problems before they can impact business with preventable, automated, self-healing incident resolution.

Benefits that help your business run better

Through our solutions, you’ll get:

Full IT Systems Integration

Full integration with any systems or devices

Increased Performance

Increased productivity from internal resources


Full access to all tools that support your environment


Dramatic reduction of outages

Complete support of and integration with your legacy systems

Enhanced resolution capabilities of customer/client issues

To position your organization for future development and growth

Freedom to focus on core business

Peace of mind

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Manage the What Ifs

Are you 100% confident that you’re protected from leading security threats?

In today’s mobile and digital business world, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the increased intelligence and diversity of security threats. Without the appropriate knowledge and tools in place, your organization could become next big, public exposure.

To ensure that never occurs, countless “what-if” scenarios need to be managed and accounted for.

  • What if you were hacked while working at the airport on a public network?
  • What if an employee opens a suspicious email attachment that unleashes a virus in your system?
  • What if a malware-infected application was downloaded on a company mobile device?
  • Do you have the tools in place to put a stop to those threats right then and there?

With EI, the answer is yes.

Managed SIEM Solution Lock and Key

What about your current IT staff?

We’re here to support your IT, not replace it. We can take on the burden of managing the daily operations that you don’t have the time for, so you can get back to working on the growth initiatives that only you can execute.

Just imagine what could be accomplished if your day-to-day tasks were efficiently taken care of and you also had the time and resources available to freely innovate and drive business growth.

Raise the level of your IT

With the 24/7 demands of modern business, waiting for problems to arise and systems to fail before taking action is no longer a viable option. Outages can have significant negative impact on business operations and the resulting loss of productivity and revenue could be devastating.

Through assistance from our industry-leading expertise and tools, you’ll gain the ability to prevent system failure and to catch potential issues before they can impact your organization.

We offer end-to-end management and a full IT package unmatched in the industry. With automation, a mature artificial intelligence tool and a comprehensive suite of other tools, technologies and services, we can help to ensure that your IT maximizes its value to your organization.

EI is the premier IT service management company in the industry and with our support, premier is what your IT becomes.

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