IT Refresh Services Get You Up-to-Date & Functioning Optimally in a Hurry!

Refresh Hardware, Technology and/or Your Network to Slash Downtime & Increase Productivity!

Don’t Let Out-of-Date IT Resources Keep You From Maximizing Your Profits!

Technology is evolving rapidly – so fast that it can be hard just staying informed of all the new innovations let alone trying to make an informed decision on which ones will allow you to improve efficiency in your organization.

That’s where we come in.EI’s IT Refresh Services, specialize in helping businesses of all types get the up-to-date resources they need to grow.

  • Wondering if replacing certain hardware is the right decision for your business?
  • Thinking that upgrading your technology could boost productivity and save you money?
  • Want to avoid the astronomical costs of network downtime?

Find Out if a “IT Refresh Services” is What You Need to Maximize Value & Minimize Risk!

One of the hardest decisions faced by IT department heads is when to refresh.

Refresh too early and you’ll waste money. Refresh too late and you quite literally could put the future profitability of your business at risk. To make matters even more difficult, there are also other options to consider – like upgrades or just leaving things “as is.” At EI, our experts will evaluate your current environment and develop a personalized refresh strategy that saves you money!

Improve performance & minimize risk
Keep pace with trends & innovations
Get customized solutions that work for you
Avoid costly downtime

The use of outdated resources could right now be lowering your productivity and costing your business profits!


EI has helped many organizations improve the resiliency of their infrastructure

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Mike Mahoney
Sr. VP of Global IT Service Delivery – SGSCO
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Ensure Your Business Gets the Most Value With Our IT Refresh Services

We Learn Your System & Develop a Customized Plan to Upgrade Your Assets Successfully

Here are just of few of the benefits you can receive from our IT Refresh Services:

  • Avoid dangerous and potentially costly hardware obsolescence
  • Enjoy predictable costs for maintaining or modernizing hardware
  • More accurately budget for future hardware expenses
  • Receive greater technology functionality
  • Improve and streamline business critical processes
  • Benefit from new time and money saving technology features
  • Keep your IT network robust and fail-proof
  • Get a network that meshes with all technologies and vendors
  • Receive automated network health checks

Schedule a free consultation below to learn more about our IT Refresh Services. With it comes a “Payback Guarantee” that will pay you for 1 hour of your time if we can’t solve your IT issue.

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