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Maximizing Your Software Investments, Maintaining the Correct Licensing & Using the Right Management Policies

Find Out How to Reduce the Risks of a Compliance Audit

Maintain Compliance & Maximize the Return on Your Microsoft Investment With Our SAM Assessment Service!

  • Did you know that software vendors are conducting more audits today than ever before and that these audits are time consuming and often result in unplanned financial costs?
  • Do you want to protect your valuable time and money and discover how to maximize the return on investment for all your software assets?
  • Are you looking for help identifying what software titles are currently installed throughout your enterprise and how they are being used?

Identify & Avoid Common SAM Pitfalls

  • Our SAM Assessment Service makes it easy to get into compliance and stay there
  • We evaluate your existing SAM processes, policies and tools and compare them against recognized optimization models
  • The results of the assessment are delivered in a comprehensive report
  • Our SAM Assessment outlines the areas reviewed
  • We also provide expert solutions you can use to improve your SAM footprint
  • You’ll understand any risks or benefits associated with your current state
  • We’ll also make you aware of the ROI of possible improvements
  • You’ll see the benefits of IT infrastructure changes and the impact they would have on software licensing
  • You’ll reduce waste by harvesting and reassigning software assets

Our knowledgeable staff and strong partnerships allow us to integrate, automate and manage your IT processes, which in turn produces …

Ultimate protection against audits, extensive hardware and software insight and a reduction in IT spending!

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“Enterprise Integration is engaged with Rayonier to perform vulnerability assessments of our IT environment. Throughout our multi-year relationship, EI has delivered exceptional value by generating reports with executive level summaries to help us understand the overall risk profile along with specifically detailed, actionable instructions for our technical team to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. EI also provides subject matter expertise as needed to help with remediation.”

-Eric Fake, Rayonier

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There are, unfortunately, many ways that a company can unknowingly violate the intellectual property rights of the software they have purchased.

For example, it can be difficult to understand all contractual obligations contained within most end user license agreements or contracts. These complexities make it difficult to determine rights based on user or device install, downgrade versus cross edition, or reassignment of existing licenses. And these are just a few of the potential problem areas, there are many more. We make sure your stay in compliance and avoid unnecessary fees!

Why You Need Our SAM Assessment Service

Ensure Compliance:

First and foremost, we will help ensure you are compliant with your software entitlements. Staying up to date on this important information can dramatically reduce the risks of a costly audit.

Manage Costs:

By finding any unused or under-utilized licenses for harvesting and re-deployment. We also identify the need for increased licensing ahead of time so that it can be properly budgeted and will not come as a surprise during an audit.

Reduce Security Risks:

By fully understanding what software is installed and deployed on your network you can reduce the risk of virus or malware attack in the future.

Gain Insight:

Do you know all the software assets your company owns? At Enterprise Integration (EI) we provide extensive software insight so you know what you own and how it is being used.

Learn More About SAM Assessment & What It Can Do for Your Business!

Many companies have benefited from our SAM Assessment service. In fact, this service has repeatedly been shown to make good sense for small, medium and large-sized businesses from an IT, financial and productivity perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SAM Assessment

Software Asset Management Assessment …
Looking to create a software asset management strategy for future success?
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One of the best ways for companies to gain greater control of their technology budgets is to properly manage and control software usage and licensing. In today’s marketplace, companies need to closely align software usage with business goals while also maintaining license compliance. Unfortunately, this can be very time-consuming. Our SAM Assessment service takes these burdens from the IT department and puts them squarely on our competent shoulders – freeing your workers for other important projects.

With our SAM Assessment service you are ensured of having the software assets you need to best support your business operations. You also avoid licensing issues, which can be very expensive. For example, the US Army had to pay $50 million in penalties after installing unlicensed applications in 2013.

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