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If we can’t help you with your NIST compliance needs, we will pay you for the one hour of your time you spent talking to us (rate based on your normal salary) OR we will donate double that amount to the charity of your choice.

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Who It’s For

Companies Involved with DOD Contracts

Ensure your compliance to NIST SP 800-171 regulations with a comprehensive assessment designed to uncover any system gaps or process inadequacies that may not meet NIST 800-171.

Companies Needing a Third-Party Audit

Not only does getting a third-party audit demonstrate your company’s commitment to protecting customer data, as well as your own – it may also be a NIST compliance requirement.

SECOPS Professionals
Companies Without a SECOPS Professional:

Even if you have an in-house IT Department, they may not be as well-schooled in information security operations as necessary for NIST compliance.

Why You Need A NIST Security Assessments


We use the same tools that hackers do when we analyze your systems – except we’re on your side. This allows us to aggressively scan your systems for vulnerabilities and then demonstrate how to remediate them.


We’ll translate the often puzzling language of cybersecurity into terms your team can understand, both in our assessment report and in any statement of work that may follow.


A NIST Security Risk Assessment from EI can help you boost the productivity of your IT security and operations through analysis of the assessment results and the offering of correlating recommendations for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


A NIST Security Risk Assessment helps get your organization on the same page when it comes to your information security needs. It helps to open the lines of communication and to break down any barriers that exist between those responsible for making decisions related to the level of security that your organization needs and those that implement the security requirements for applications, controls, data and systems.


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NIST Assessments

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