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NIST Security Assessments Help You Understand What You Need To Do To Protect Critical Assets

  • Do you know where your current information security vulnerabilities are and how to mitigate their risks?
  • Is there any room for improvement in your security risk management program?
  • How does your existing information security framework stack up against thorough National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) criteria?

Measure your information security against NIST standards

EI’s NIST Security Assessment Will:
  • Provide a thorough assessment of your existing security framework against NIST standards
  • Give you a detailed snapshot of your current security status
  • Uncover future risks
  • Identify immediate security threatsv
  • Pinpoint any existing security gaps
  • Categorize each potential threat or vulnerability by damage or business impact
  • Customize a comprehensive or targeted assessment to fit your needs
  • Determine all costs incurred in the event of a successful attack
  • Explain your security situation in a risk profile
  • Help ensure regulatory agreement where NIST compliance is appropriate

An actionable outline of your security posture

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Because of the ever-evolving and increasingly sinister threat landscape of the digital business world, NIST has suggested several methodologies for organizations to evaluate and mitigate overall information security risk.

NIST has also set standards for identifying threats, estimating risk, evaluating controls and achieving compliance. While helpful, these methodologies and standards can add a level of complexity to an already complex issue for many organizations.

But with a NIST Security Risk Assessment from Enterprise Integration, we can help make your information security simpler and more effective. We’ll provide clarity into NIST methodologies, along with visibility into your IT security strengths and weaknesses as we assess the success of your existing framework and offer recommendations for improvement.

Why You Need Our NIST Security Assessment


EI’s Security Operations team is constantly expanding their knowledge base as hackers and cybercriminals develop more and more innovative ways to penetrate and compromise your systems.


We use the same tools that hackers do when we analyze your systems – except we’re on your side. This allows us to aggressively scan your systems for vulnerabilities and then demonstrate how to remediate them.


We’ll translate the often puzzling language of cybersecurity into terms your team can understand, both in our assessment report and in any statement of work that may follow.

Device Capabilities

A NIST Security Risk Assessment from EI can help you boost the productivity of your IT security and operations through analysis of the assessment results and the offering of correlating recommendations for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


A NIST Security Risk Assessment helps get your organization on the same page when it comes to your information security needs. It helps to open the lines of communication and to break down any barriers that exist between those responsible for making decisions related to the level of security that your organization needs and those that implement the security requirements for applications, controls, data and systems.

Protect your critical infrastructure

A comprehensive view of your security posture
Have you positively identified of all of your security vulnerabilities?
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A NIST Security Risk Assessment is vitally important to ensuring the protection of your business-critical assets and maintaining the effectiveness of your security systems. But even more important is the understanding that a NIST Security Risk Assessment isn’t a one-time task. It’s a continuous endeavor that provides regular snapshots of your immediate risks, security gaps and future threats.

As organizations evolve and change over time, so too does their security needs. With NIST Security Risk Assessments from EI, our experts will regularly evaluate your security environment to identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement, while ensuring you stay out in front of the increasing intelligence of modern cyberattacks.

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