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Minimize the risk of security breaches and non-compliance issues with a HIPAA Security Safeguards Gap Assessment from EI

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Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and security of protected health information (PHI)

  • Ever wonder about your organization’s data risks?
  • Do you have in-house resources available to conduct a gap analysis and to identify vulnerabilities in your current operating environment?
  • Do you have a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA security safeguards so that you can accurately assess the state of your compliance and risk?

A Roadmap to HIPAA Security Safeguards Compliance

  • Evaluate your compliance with HIPAA’s administrative, technical and physical security safeguards
  • Help you understand how well your security strategies and technologies align with HIPAA regulations
  • Uncover future risks
  • Identify immediate security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Pinpoint any existing security gaps
  • Identify ways your PHI could be revealed to unauthorized groups
  • Present your HIPAA risks in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Help you understand how to put any necessary security enhancements into operation
  • Provide prioritized remediation recommendations for gaps discovered during assessment
  • Deliver HIPAA Security Safeguards compliance peace of mind

Safeguard ePHI Effectively and Compliantly

Keep your ePHI safe while avoiding breaches and costly penalties for HIPAA violations.

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HIPAA Security Safeguards Gap Assessments improve security and reduce costs,

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-Tim Werner, CEO, BlueStar Retirement Services

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If you work with patient health information, you need to protect it. But you also need to know how to protect it and what the protection rules are.

For many organizations, the rules are where it can get confusing. HIPAA resources provide a wealth of guidelines, requirements, standards and laws to help you protect your PHI, but sifting through, interpreting and applying these to your organization can be quite challenging.

Companies of all kinds from small businesses of less than 10 people to huge enterprises with a complete IT infrastructure have been busily weighing the pros and cons to determine whether this new software paradigm is worth embracing.

Why you need our HIPAA Security Risk Assessment

Simplified Response

While HIPAA laws and regulations can often be confusing and overwhelming due to their complexity and volume, our experts at Enterprise Integration are well schooled in these requirements. Through a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, we can help guide you through this difficult legal terrain and help simplify what you need to do and how you need to do it.


As your organization grows and changes over time, so too can your information security needs – especially as they relate to HIPAA. New technologies and processes can impact your HIPAA compliance and our experts can help you identify any new potential security and compliance risks as your organization evolves.


The HIPAA security risk experts at EI offer a unique mix of expertise and experience in compliance, security and daily workflow efficiency. We can help you identify ways boost the effectiveness of your operations and improve productivity while staying in line with HIPAA regulations.


Upon completion of a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, you’ll be presented with actionable and prioritized guidance for remediation of identified compliance and security risks, including recommendations for improvements and enhancements.

Gap Assessment
Gap Closure:

A comprehensive HIPAA Security Safeguards Gap Assessment from EI bridges the gap between security and compliance. Not solely focused on one or the other, our evaluation covers your needs with a holistic, customized approach.

HIPAA Security Assessment FAQ

It’s essential to know where you stand…
Are you certain that you are currently in full compliance with HIPAA regulations?
Would your organization face damaging penalties for HIPAA violations if you were audited today?
Protect What Matters

HIPAA consists of the Security Rule, the Privacy Rule and the Breach Notification Rule, which together, govern how patient privacy should be ensured and how protected health information should be safeguarded. One HIPAA requirement that all covered entities must meet is to regularly conduct assessments concerning their PHI management, and to take appropriate action to fix any issues that may cause exposure of sensitive information.

While there are tools that can help you assess your compliance, HIPAA regulations can be complicated and difficult to understand. A HIPAA Security Safeguards Gap Assessment from EI will help you fulfill HIPAA’s assessment requirement while also providing invaluable and actionable intelligence into the state of your compliance and your information security program.


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