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Gain data visualization capabilities and true real-time data reporting with a Big Data Solution from Enterprise Integration

Sharpen your competitive edge with Big Data

An agnostic Big Data solution can help you leverage your data as an asset and obtain the true value of what it can provide.

  • Are there obstacles getting in the way of your ability to realize the value of your data?
  • How much money could you save on license fees by consolidating siloed databases into a single platform?
  • Could a Big Data Solution provide you with insights that lead to higher profitability, new revenue sources, or increased market share?

Informed Decision Making with Data-Driven Insight

EI Will:

  • Utilize the Big Data technology platforms best suited for your ecosystem
  • Deliver agnostic Big Data technologies that provide you with maximum platform flexibility
  • Eliminate handcuffs to any one particular technology stack
  • Enhance your capability to effectively wrangle your data
  • Help you utilize your data appropriately to help you achieve your business goals
  • Leverage automation to identify problems or issues within your ecosystem
  • Solve problems automatically through EI’s revolutionary Digital Robotics Engine
  • Provide data visualization capabilities through dashboards
  • Help your organization overcome the challenges of reporting data from siloed applications
  • Leverage your data from one agnostic, user-friendly platform
  • Provide true real-time data reporting and real-time data ingestion capabilities
Big Data Solutions

Become data-driven and data-innovative

Don’t waste any more time chasing down outdated business insights. Leverage your data as an asset and gain a competitive advantage in the market

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“Enterprise Integration (EI) has been Daniel’s IT solutions provider for the better part of 15 years. We are very satisfied with the level of customer service and attention to detail they provide, which allows Daniel to concentrate on our core mission. EI always goes above and beyond and sets the standard.”

-Jim Clark, President / CEO, Daniel Kids

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As fiercely competitive as business is today, organizations are continuously on the look-out for ways to gain an advantage to stay relevant and to remain on the leading edge of the marketplace.

Often times, optimal use of currently leveraged resources can result in major boosts to bottom line performance. One of the most valuable resources an organization has at its disposal is its data. By effectively creating data as an asset and becoming a data-driven business, organizations not only see cost savings and increases to efficiency and performance, but also get insight that can help guide critical business decisions.

With a Big Data Solution from EI, our expertise will help you realize the value of your data and bring data visualization to your organization. Backed by industry-leading experience, our subject matter experts will help you develop an agnostic Big Data solution that will support your standing amongst the innovative, data-driven industry leaders.

Why Your Need EI’s Big Data Solutions

Big Data Expertise

Our Big Data subject matter expertise doesn’t come from one successful implementation. We’ve seen the technology mature, and learned from the lessons and mistakes of failed projects. We understand the best practices and agile methodologies that can help your organization overcome data challenges.

Platform Agnostic Big Data Solutions
Platform Agnostic:

To provide you with maximum flexibility and benefit, EI’s Big Data solutions will be as agnostic as possible, utilizing Big Data technologies without constraint to a particular platform or technology stack, allowing you to maintain full IT agility.


Our separation from the competition is truly remarkable, and unique to our experiences as a whole. The right experience is key. Without it, projects are doomed to fail. With a Big Data Solution from EI, you get exclusive access to these experiences, ensuring that your solution is developed without learning curve hiccups and ready to drive innovation out of the gate.


With a Big Data Solution from EI, we can help you avoid data obstacles and see the value your data can bring to your organization. We’ll be in the trenches with you to help you achieve your IT goals through innovative solutions involving new technologies and modern best practices.

Real-Time Big Data Solutions

With a Big Data Solution from EI, your organization can achieve true real-time data reporting and true real-time data ingestion. You’ll have the capability to grab your data in flight, move it where you need it to go, and get the results immediately, improving your visibility and your competitive edge.

Conquer Your Data Limitations. Big Data Solution FAQs.

Overcome your data challenges…
Are you frustrated with the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of your data?
Can your data currently help sharpen your competitive edge?
You need a Big Data solution!

Data problems are different for every organization. Whether it’s low data availability, data access control issues, data limitations, or outright lack of usable data, any problems with data put companies at risk of losing market share to more innovative organizations that have adopted an appropriate technology solution. With competitive edge at stake, becoming data-innovative and data-driven is no longer just a nice thing to pursue…it’s necessary for an organization to survive.

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With an agnostic Big Data Solution from Enterprise Integration, we will help you overcome your data challenges and limitations. Our experienced team will build a customized solution to fit the unique needs of your organization, leveraging any technology necessary to meet the demands of your business objectives.

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