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Gain the data governance framework you need to leverage your data as an asset with Big Data Governance from Enterprise Integration

Learn how you can drive enterprise growth through Big Data

A Big Data governance framework can help you see the true value of what your data can provide.

  • Do you fully trust that the data you’re using to make decisions is complete, accurate, timely and valid?
  • How much money have poor decisions derived from poor quality data cost your organization?
  • Could Big Data Governance provide you with insights that can improve your productivity, lead to new revenue sources, or increase your market share?

Empowering your organization to easily leverage your data as an asset

EI will:
  • Provide you with the framework you need to set Big Data standards and data-usage policies.
  • Deliver the ability to implement well-defined controls
  • Help ensure your data remains true, consistent and available
  • Make governing Big Data available at the point of ingestion
  • Enhance your capability to separate business-critical data assets from the less critical
  • Eliminate redundant data extraction
  • Help you overcome the challenges of reporting data from siloed applications
  • Provide you with the ability to measure and manage the governance of data itself
  • Ensure that the quality and security of your data can be improved as necessary
  • Supply the tools and processes you need to foster Big Data understanding throughout your organization
  • Provide you with the ability to transform your raw data into real, actionable intelligence

Unlock Big Data’s business value

Transform your Big Data puzzle into trusted business insights that will drive your competitive edge.

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-Jim Clark, President / CEO, Daniel Kids

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As business has become more digital, the amount of data that organizations are collecting has grown dramatically.

Because of its ability to provide intelligent insight and improve business decision-making abilities, organizations have adopted Big Data environments to stockpile huge data stores. But to ensure that their massive collection of data pays dividends and reaches its full potential, it must be properly cared for. What once was considered a competitive advantage, Big Data governance is quickly becoming a business necessity.

With Big Data Governance from EI, our expertise will help empower your organization to leverage your data as an asset. Backed by industry-leading experience, our subject matter experts will help provide the Big Data governance framework you need to generate business-critical insight that will drive your organization’s growth and success.

Why You Need Big Data Governance


Our Big Data subject matter expertise doesn’t come from one successful implementation. We’ve seen the technology mature, and learned from the lessons and mistakes of failed projects. We understand the best practices and agile methodologies that can help your organization overcome data challenges.


Our separation from the competition is truly remarkable, and unique to our experiences as a whole. The right experience is key. Without it, projects are doomed to fail. With Big Data Governance from EI, you get exclusive access to these experiences, ensuring that your solution is developed without learning curve hiccups and ready to drive innovation out of the gate.


With Big Data Governance from EI, our experts will provide you with the data governance framework you need to establish a starting point of data comprehension and set data quality standards to ensure maximum usability, reliability, and value of your data.


With Big Data Governance from EI, we can help you ensure that traceable elements of data and its lineage are known, such as: where the data came from, through what processes and systems it moved and how it may have been transformed. This helps you to verify that the data you see is true and accurate.


Big Data Governance enhances the value of your data by providing you with actionable insight from a comprehensive view of the information across your organization’s environment to ensure better decision-making. Governance can also provide further value by reducing operational cost, improving data control and providing peace-of-mind.

Capitalize on your Big Data. Big Data Governance FAQ’s.

Boost the Value of Big Data
Are you realizing the full potential of your data assets?
Do you know where to look for the solutions to your most crucial business issues?
Realize Big Data Rewards Through Data Governance

Like needles in a haystack, somewhere in the vast pools of raw data that organizations are collecting are the answers to their most important business questions. New revenue opportunities, growth opportunities, keys to a competitive edge…all lie waiting to be discovered. But that discovery can be an overwhelmingly difficult task for even the most mature organizations, given the volume of data received on a daily basis.

With Big Data Governance from Enterprise Integration, we can help you overcome the challenges of finding the information you need to make better business decisions while trusting that the information is accurate and true. Our experienced team will provide the data governance framework you need to gain actionable insight.

Don’t make the wrong business decisions because your data isn’t properly governed.
Gain insight into your data and capitalize on growth opportunities.
Take control of your information lifecycle and ensure successful business decisions.
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