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Gain real-time data analysis and actionable insights with Big Data Analytics from Enterprise Integration.

Learn how Big Data can help you generate new revenue opportunities

A properly constructed big data analytics solution can point the way to smarter business decisions and higher profits.

  • How can you make better use of the raw information that flows into your organization every day?
  • Are you working with past data for future decisions, or today’s data for immediate decisions?
  • Is your data hiding something that once discovered, could lead to new revenue opportunities, more effective marketing or increased market share?

Your Data, Analyzed in Real-Time

EI Will:
  • Define a strategy to align your organization with a proper analytical platform
  • Perform effective big data analytics based on unique business needs
  • Build a customized analytics solution
  • Utilize only the technologies best suited for the specific needs of your organization
  • Increase your capability to analyze large amounts of data from structured and unstructured sources
  • Provide you with maximum visibility of your business information
  • Help you utilize data to gauge customer satisfaction and meet their demands
  • Support your ability to use your data to accurately predict customer trends
  • Help you use your data to innovate new products or services
  • Provide timely insights for quick resolution of business-critical issues
  • Help you utilize your IT resources more effectively
  • Provide the technologies and techniques needed to draw knowledgeable conclusions about advanced data sets
  • Enhance your capabilities to make informed business decisions.

Faster, Better Decision Making

Don’t waste any more time attempting to blend and interpret information from a variety of data silos. Improve the efficiency of your Big Data analysis and gain a competitive advantage in the market

Gain a competitive edge today!

EI has helped many organizations harness their data and extract maximum value from it.

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-Jim Clark, President / CEO, Daniel Kids

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The volume of data that is currently created and stored on a global level is nearly unthinkable, and it just keeps increasing.

Along with it, grows the potential to collect key, actionable insights from that information. While the primary value of Big Data comes not in its raw form, but from the insights, products and services that emerge from its analysis, only a small percentage of data is actually analyzed. For organizations with their competitive edge at stake, the importance of effective analysis of their data has never been higher.

With Big Data Analytics from EI, our expertise will help you gain critical insight and bring real-time data analysis to your organization. Backed by industry-leading experience, our subject matter experts will help you develop a Big Data analytics solution that will support smart decision making and a sharpened competitive edge.

Why you need our big data analytics services

Timely Insight:

Big Data analytics provides your organization with timely insights to make quick and educated decisions about momentary business opportunities, to get swift and detailed answers for complex IT problems and to discover new revenue opportunities.


Internet clickstream data, web server logs and social media content, amongst others, are driving up the volume of unstructured data. With the addition of the heavy amount of structured data requiring attention, EI’s Big Data Analytics can help you manage this growth and capture the necessary business-critical insights without becoming overwhelmed.

Informed Decision:

Through the utilization of predictive models, what-if analyses and statistical algorithms, Big Data Analytics from EI will provide your organization with the ability to draw knowledgeable conclusions from advanced data sets that can help drive informed decisions on critical issues.


With Big Data Analytics from EI, your organization can achieve true real-time data analysis. You’ll have the capability to grab your data in flight and get the results immediately, improving your visibility and your competitive edge.


Our Big Data subject matter expertise doesn’t come from one successful implementation. We’ve seen the analytics technologies mature, and we understand not only how to utilize each, but also which ones to utilize to ensure you get the actionable insights you need without unnecessary or unsuitable solutions.

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Big Data Analytics FAQs.

A challenging proposition…
Are you utilizing the right mix of analytics technologies to help you achieve actionable insights?
Do you have the internal capabilities to manage, analyze and interpret all of your data?
Gain control of the increasing volume of data

Big Data can give any organization a significant competitive edge. But for many, analysis of Big Data can be a major challenge. Analytics initiatives are often tripped up by data management issues involving poor quality data, high data volume, inconsistent data governance and data silo difficulties. In addition, the identification and integration of the appropriate mix of technologies to meet an organization’s analytics needs is an obstacle many IT and analytics teams just can’t get past.

With Big Data Analytics from Enterprise Integration, we’ll help you overcome these challenges. We’ll leverage our experience and expertise to help minimize data management issues and define an effective analytics solution that utilizes only the proper analytical technologies best suited to meet the demands of your business needs.

Just collecting data is not enough

Gain an in-depth understanding of your customer needs and trends and boost your profitability.
Piece your data together and capture valuable, actionable insights into your business
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