Unified Endpoint Management

Increase Productivity, Improve IT Agility & Strengthen Network Security … While Monitoring All Endpoints from One Screen

Chances are your business has a growing number of endpoint devices – now add to that employee turnover and today’s constantly changing security landscape and we believe the need for Unified Endpoint Management becomes crystal clear.

That’s why we include in our Service Delivery Intelligence (SDI) suite of business-building IT tools a feature we call Endpoint Experience™.

What’s Endpoint Experience
& What Will it do for You?

Endpoint Experience creates a simple, unified view of your entire business technology supply chain from an endpoint device perspective all the way to the data center or cloud application.

By monitoring desktop computers, laptops and the Internet of Things (IoT), Endpoint Experience provides critical information and automated processes to monitor and correct issues as well as provide an overall environmental health view with the perspective on the end user.

This tool offers numerous benefits. It allows you to:

  • Easily view all endpoints from one convenient screen
  • Easily see what is on an endpoint device – such as apps, content, etc.
  • Easily identify computer issues and the activity that led up to an issue.
  • Easily create site specific list of computing health issues.

Get the Information You Need to Take
Productivity – & Security – to a New Level!

Endpoint Experience was first developed in 2007 to fill a gap in the market. What was being missed then – and is still being missed in many companies – is computing experience measured from the perspective of the actual users.

You see, even today most Data Centers are monitored for availability from within the Data Center itself. Endpoint Experience monitors from the user in the field.

Relying on the very latest digital robotics innovations – a field where Enterprise Integration is a clear leader – this feature is the ultimate monitoring tool for the endpoint device.

However, it is also much more than that.

Endpoint Experience also functions like an airplane’s black box in that it captures the activity that led up to an issue and provides that information to a technician.

It also has the ability to automatically correct issues, restart services and shutdown software based on the rules provided to that particular client base!

Now end users and IT technicians don’t have to go through the frustrating part of calls where the user tries to explain the issue in a way the technician will understand. Now with Endpoint Experience the technician can quickly see exactly what is happening on that endpoint device.

See What is Really Happening
on ‘The Front Lines’!

Endpoint Experience allows you to not only monitor all your endpoints from one console but also to automatically produce Environment Overview reports that give you a quick, highly accurate health check of your endpoint devices.

You’ll see:

  • Workstations – hung processes over an hour
  • Disk Space – Less than 3% free
  • Large File Access With Low RAM
  • Low Virtual Memory
  • Hardware Errors
  • Popup Errors
  • Unexpected Shutdowns
  • And More
SDI-Endpoint Management and Monitoring

This report will allow you to keep your business operating as efficiency as possible – productivity will soar!

While Primarily a Windows Management Interface (WMI) Monitoring Tool,

Endpoint Experience is Also
Much, Much More Than That!

There really is no easier or more convenient way to secure and control desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets in a connected, cohesive manner than with Endpoint Experience.

Plus, this feature is designed to change and adapt with your company as it grows. It will adapt to more skilled users and it will change to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

To learn much more about this amazing feature and how it can help your business grow and prosper, Talk with an endpoint expert today!
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