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Learn Why EI’s Indicator of Compromise Tool Is a Must-Have for Effective IT Security.

Get Indispensible Info On Every Device On Your Network with Indicator of Compromise (IOC) from Enterprise Integration!

  • Would it be helpful if you could view vital process information and online activity across endpoints on your network?
  • How much more effective could you be as an IT manager if you had a birds-eye view of network and process activity that allowed you to quickly spot unusual IP interactions?
  • Are you trying to make sure that an attacker can’t come back and successfully attack a previously-compromised machine?

With IOC running on your servers and our Endpoint Experience tool running on each device on your network, you can:

  • Get an instant snapshot of running processes, open windows and web traffic across your network
  • Gain a visual timeline to help spot attacks
  • Analyze an auto-generated map showing internet activity by destination or origin country
  • Easily determine if any endpoints are interacting with a system considered inconsistent with normal business practices
  • Peruse a list of network activity and web requests grouped by specific metrics
  • Show a list of active windows broken down by application and product type
  • Scan each machine’s running processes and file system for any known security issue or malware

IOC presents the vital data you need in a form that’s simple to understand and easy to act upon

Evaluate activity trends and utilize over 50 malware and virus databases to help identify a security threat

Help me identify security threats!

Indicator of Compromise from EI Can Pull Your Hat Out Of The Fire

See How It Has Helped Teams Like Yours

“Enterprise Integration is engaged with Rayonier to perform vulnerability assessments of our IT environment. Throughout our multi-year relationship, EI has delivered exceptional value by generating reports with executive level summaries to help us understand the overall risk profile along with specifically detailed, actionable instructions for our technical team to remediate any discovered vulnerabilities. EI also provides subject matter expertise as needed to help with remediation.”

-Eric Fake, Rayonier

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Securing and monitoring a device for a potential compromise can be a resource and manpower-intensive process.

A survey of IT departments’ endpoint security practices showed that when a security incident occurs, 77 percent of companies choose to simply wipe the affected machine and start over with only a slightly improved or even an unchanged level of security.

Unfortunately, statistics show that attackers will often return to the same previously compromised machine after remediation is considered complete.

So real-time monitoring is essential, especially after you’ve already had a security incident. Gathering, measuring and presenting this data in a meaningful way is a key bulwark against another attack.

That’s where Enterprise Integration’s suite of security tools comes into play.

By deploying the Endpoint Experience client to each machine and combining it with the Indicator of Compromise application running on your servers, your security professionals have instant real-time access to the running processes and internet activity of any machine on the network.

Why You Need our Indicator of Compromise


If you’ve ever dreamt of having your own personalized command center of machine activity and metrics at your fingertips, IoC is the application that makes that dream a reality.


This cross-platform tool will work for any machine running the EI Endpoint Experience client.


IoC gives you up-to-the-second access to suspicious activity across the organization without the need to wait for interval updates.


Now you can cut through the less-than-helpful stats displayed by many utilities and focus on the data of most concern to anyone searching for possible cyberattacks.


The data furnished by IoC is information no network administrator or security operations manager should be without.

Indicator of Compromise FAQ

Indicator of Compromise Covers All The Bases
Have you been wishing for a way to gain instant, real-time access to all machine activity across your network?
How could you improve organizational security if you had an easy way to quickly hone in on compromised machines or irregular activity?
Deploy IoC from EI for Unparalleled Security

Indicator of Compromise taps over 50 anti-malware and anti-virus engines for threat info while giving the administrator unprecedented access to the activity on each endpoint, including a comprehensive list of processes and network activity, a geo-location map and a visual timeline of events.

Give your team the data they need to remediate security threats and the horsepower required to foil sophisticated attacks
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